Chapter 31

At six AM the clock went off. Jenny turned it off as I looked into her eyes and kissed her lightly at first, and then with a little passion; of course I added a little tongue just to tease her. I saw Jen looking over me so I knew Lorrie was awake and watching. I turned, worked my arm under her, then rolled back and planted her between Jen and me. We kissed and hugged. I got a little carried away, kissed her hard on the lips and slipped her a little tongue; that surprised her. I immediately apologized.

Lorrie said, “Don’t be, it surprised me but it was wonderful. Do it any time you like, it just may take me a little while to get used to that kind of affection again.”

We had a quick breakfast. Lorrie rode with me in the truck. Jenny followed in her state car. The plan was I was going to stay at the college all day then do my night shift, Lorrie would come home with Jenny and they would pick up Jenny’s personal car for her to use back and forth to the college. Yes, Lorrie was going to be staying with us for a while.

The interviews went off on schedule without a hitch. We got all the information together. The suspect had been following several students around off campus for several days. Yesterday had been the first day he had ventured on campus that we knew of.

The ball was now in the forensics team hands. They seized multiple bags of evidence to sort through including a laptop and a desktop along with several cell phones. The hard drives in both computers had been wiped. The tech people thought they could be restored but it would take several weeks to do that. The SIMMs cards from the phones were intact so that maybe would help.

My response to that was whatever was on there that he wanted gone was backed up somewhere, on a thumb drive, CD or DVD, or maybe e-mailed to another account but it was somewhere. I asked if Jen and I could accompany the investigators on another sweep of the property. They would get back to me on that. We were done by noon.

Since I had time to kill, it wasn’t worth going home to try to sleep then come back. I decided that I should check out the auditorium / field house that I was going to use for the anti-rape program I was going to do there. I came up with the final layout and a list of the things I would need.

I went to the local Suffering States outdoor store to see if I could work out a deal to rent or borrow several dozen large potted plants or trees. I lucked out there; they were getting ready to get rid of the seasonal plants and trees that hadn’t sold this summer. The hot weather had taken its toll on them. I could have them as long as I disposed of them when I was finished; all I needed to do was to return the large tubs they were in.

I called the maintenance department and they agreed to send a truck and trailer right away, if I would help load them. A little physical labor would never hurt me so I agreed. When the trailer arrived the manager came out with a front end loader and made short work of that project. The maintenance guys said they would leave them on the trailer and keep them watered until I needed them.

I went back to the college to find the person in charge of the audio and video equipment in the field house. I found out that Katelyn Cooper (or Kate as she preferred) was in charge. I explained what I wanted to do during my presentation and that I wanted a crash course on operating the equipment. Kate volunteered to run it for me.

“Kate, I’m going full shock with this, they have already had two rape presentations, and they haven’t worked. The rapes are still happening; I’m going to make those girls aware of the dangers they continue to put themselves in by being complacent the hard way. It may cost me my job. I don’t want to take anyone with me,” I said.

“BJ, one of the girls that were raped was a top student in my department. The rape destroyed her, she couldn’t cope after that, she quit; she gave up. That beautiful talented girl committed suicide four weeks ago. If anything you do will save just one girl from that I’m all in, no matter what,” she said.

We shook hands then hugged. “You may not feel that way when it’s over,” I replied.

I went back to the security office and began the search for pictures that reflected what was done to me when I was raped. I also searched for the kinds of torture that was inflicted on other rape victims as well of other violence against women.

I would work on a general outline of the presentation over the next few nights and meet with Kate to fit the video and audio to the program.

It was coming together quickly now, only a few more items remained to be gotten. I would have the flyers ready to post on Monday, Thursday 7 PM was the go time.

Jen came to my office to wait on Lorrie; they were riding home together, Lorrie was to commute to college in Jen’s personal car and stay at our house for a while.

Jenny followed me back into my office, gave a toe curling kiss and said “I can promise you more as soon as we have a few minutes together.“

Lorrie came in a short time later and gave me a hug topped with, “Good night, I love you.”

I made the rounds. Thursday turned out to be a very quiet night. I researched more pictures and videos. I also found some personal safety items that would be great giveaways if I could locate them in time.

Friday morning at 6:30 Lorrie arrived in Jens car; a nearly new Corvette. The tag was personalized ‘J Coles’. Lorrie had brought breakfast from Arby’s with OJ and coffee. I noticed that she was a lot more talkative and bubbly but as soon as anyone came she was quiet and withdrawn.

I asked, “How did you sleep?”

She reddened a little and said “I slept with Jen – she is not as warm as snuggly as you are – don’t tell her that I said that,” and she laughed. I left a few minutes later and was home in bed by 8 AM.

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