Chapter 32

I felt a naked female body spoon up tight to me; a hand snaked around me to rest between my boobs. I pulled the hand to my lips and kissed it several times. Lorrie giggled and whispered, “I love you.”

I returned it. I rolled over to face her boob to boob and said, “Now, what pray tell is a naked Lorrie doing in my bed?”

“I came up to change into workout clothes and just couldn’t resist. You feel so nice next to me,” she said.

“Now what if I can’t resist,” I said. I pulled her close, my arm around her back. I nudged my knee between her legs so she would open them and half rolled her over onto her back as she did. I slid my leg up tight against her crotch. I kissed her lightly on the lips, then much harder. As I felt her lips relax I slipped my tongue in a little until I felt the tip of her tongue, I hardened mine and brushed it back and forth against her tongue. I felt her nipples harden against me and the movement of her pelvis against my thigh.

I broke the kiss and said, “Girl, if we don’t get up from here the only workout you are going to get will not be in the gym.”

“Oh, I forgot – Jen is waiting – we had better get going; she had some kind of move she wants you to demonstrate,” she said.

“Oh, I thought that was what you were doing; putting the move on me,” I replied and we broke into laughter.

Jen was sitting at the table when we got to the kitchen “I thought I was going to have to come get you two,” she said.

“Jealous?” Lorrie replied. “No, not at all. I just want to get started; I want to kick some ass,” Jen said.

In the gym we worked thru the moves that Jen wanted to see and a few others, we did them slowly and precisely. Lorrie was watching intently, copying the moves. After several dry runs we started at the beginning and went full bore through the complete self defense program I was going to do the at the rape prevention program. After two hours I left Jen and Lorrie to continue the workout, I had just enough time to shower, dress, eat and make it to work on time.

After the normal shift starting routine I met with Joe from the craft shop. I explained to him an idea I had for a male manikin that I wanted to use in the program. It had to be life size but soft enough in certain areas to be repeatedly kicked without hurting the foot. Joe took my idea, expanded on it and ran with it. He would have it ready in two days for me to test out.

After a patrol of the grounds and a complete review of the last week of security tapes, I set about filling in the blanks that were left to complete the program.

I ordered the items I wanted to hand out from Law Mans Supply, e-Bay and the Self Defense Locker Room. Everything was to be delivered Tuesday, that would give two days to correct anything if there were any problems.

Because we were getting closer to the first of the month we doubled the number of patrols on the streets that surrounded the college grounds. We increased the number of security cams and made more foot patrols on campus. Any questionable vehicle or people were immediately challenged, photographed and were sent to the task force for identification and follow up. This was a recommendation from our internal barnstorming session after the incident Tuesday. We were still waiting on a final report from that.

Friday evening finished off without any incident. I was home by 8 AM. I was looking forward to a little quiet time with Jen; I was stressed out and needed fucking and a mind blowing orgasm badly so that I could relax and sleep. There was a note on the table. ‘Gone shopping will be home when you get up – Love Jen and Lorrie’.

Oh well, not this morning, I guess. After my shower I went to the toy box and got out the mini vibe and let my fingers do the walking. It wasn’t what I wanted but was all I was going to get. I shut the door to the bedroom and went to sleep.

The alarm went off at 6:10 – damn, I had wanted to be up before now. A quick shower and grab a bite to eat at the college was going to have to do. The girls were still gone, the note where I had left it, so I checked my phone – no text, no missed calls, must be one heck of a shopping spree.

I wrote on note, “Sorry I missed you see you in the morning, love BJ.”

Lorrie was 21, Jen 25, and I was 30. They were probably closer to each other than I was to them. Both of them had the college life experience, where I had life under fire. Lovers and friends had always been a problem for me, both seemed to come and go far too often. I had blamed it on the military all these years but that may have been wrong. Maybe staying at Jake’s house was a bad idea; maybe not re-enlisting had been a bad idea after all. I hoped Jen would finish the rape program. I still had 30 days left on the re-enlistment window.

If there was another attack I would use it as my failure and leave, if there was none I could say the things I had done were a success and still leave. Damn, I was down on myself this evening. I called Mom and Dad and talked with them for a while; everything was good there. I called Jake from the college phone; a girl answered and it sounded like a drunken party was going on. I just hung up. Midnight and I still hadn’t gotten a call or text from the girls.

Saturday night was calm – one minor dorm party – the dayshift guys got in early so I left early. I didn’t go in the house. I walked to the deck, stripped off, pushed the buttons on the tub and got in. Half an hour later I went quietly into the house with my clothes in my hand. I dried off and put on one of the tee shirts from the rack. I snuck down the hall and glanced into the bedrooms. Jenny was asleep on one bed, Lorrie asleep in the other bedroom. I went into Jake’s room and went to sleep.

I woke up at 5 and was still in a funky mood. I needed some serious exercise. I went over to my bedroom and found a pair of shorts, sneakers and a halter top. I intended to run on the treadmill for the next hour. I noticed that the beds were made in the other bed rooms. I saw no one else in the house. Oh well, shopping again, I thought. I set up my running program – slow warm up, jog, medium run, then a full-out run. I added an extra minute to my best previous time. Finally, adding the cool down cycle came out to be an hour and half; right on the money. That would give me forty five minutes to shower, change, and make it to work. I turned the fans on, put the head set on to a mix of music that I liked and lost myself in the run.

As the treadmill slowed down to a stop, Jen and Lorrie appeared. They had towels for me to dry off with and several bottles of cold water. I welcomed both then gave each of the girls a hug.

Lorrie said, “That was one heck of a run.”

“Yeah, I was in a funky mood and needed to work it out,” I said.

“You two must be shopped out,” I said.

“We have been getting some things for your presentation, we will show them to you when we do the complete run-through Wednesday night,” Jenny said, “Everything is still on for Thursday at 7, isn’t it?” she asked.

“Yes, everything should be here Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest,” I said.

“You get ready for work and we will bring supper to you at the college in a little while and eat with you,” Jenny said.

“Hey, that would be great!” I replied.

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