Chapter 33

According to the dayshift, Sunday had been a very quiet day. I just hoped that the night would be just as quiet. I walked the grounds looking for anything that needed to be done to improve our security posture. The bushes were finally gone and the last bit of lighting had been installed. Two more security cams had been installed; we now had four cams at the main crosswalk. We could record from both sides of the crosswalk and now from both traffic directions approaching the crosswalk. All the cameras had been upgraded to hi-def with night vision and larger servers dedicated to the camera systems with backup. We could get TV quality day or night. The only problem was that viewing and reviewing the film was a huge time consumer. When you walked in the security office you walked to a counter. If you were sitting at the counter, looking upward over the entrance door, there were now 24 individual monitors. A simple touch at the control console would bring the audio from that camera to the speakers. In my office those 24 images were on two large flat-screen monitors, a touch on the screen over the image brought that one full screen and to the speakers. I needed to remember to lock the field house cam so no one could watch what went on there Thursday night.

Jenny and Lorrie came at eight with supper: fresh homemade salad (not bagged stuff), fresh homemade crab cakes from Jen’s dad, and warm rolls. It was a wonderful supper with friends.

After supper we worked on the flyer the was to be posted on all the bulletin boards on campus.

Rape Awareness and Prevention Seminar

KCC Field House Thursday, October 24, 2012 at 7 PM sharp.

This is for female students only – no males allowed.

There will be a discussion about rape like you have never seen or had before.

Bring all your female friends.

Rated XXX
Materials, frank discussions, forums, self defense demonstrations
Prepare to be embarrassed, informed and trained in offensive and defensive tactics
Learn about the best defensive tools right at your finger tips

Don’t become a victim of assault or rape.

I was satisfied with the flyer. Now, if no one from the college objected we were ready to pass them out starting in the morning. I would personally carry it to HR before I left in the morning, if they approved the dayshift could begin hanging on windows, doors, and bulletin boards plus they would be e-mailed to every female student.

Jen and Lorrie left at 9:30, after Jen teased the heck out of me with hugs and kisses and in the privacy of my office. I think she had Lorrie as lookout.

The rest of the evening was quiet, as most Sunday evenings were.

Lorrie arrived at 6:45 and parked Jen’s car in front of the security office for safe-keeping again. She came into the office and gave me a good morning hug and whispered into my ear “You are in trouble tonight girl,” and just giggled. I had noticed several times that she was more open and bubbly around Jen and I than anyone else. As soon as she hugged me I could sense her attitude changing.

At 7 AM I carried the flyer over to HR for approval, which they gave. HR would e-mail it to all female students and security was responsible for all other postings. I ran off a hundred copies and left instructions for them to be posted today and this evening. By nine I was home, headed to bed. I noticed there had been some things moved around in the bedroom and that it had been cleaned.


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