Chapter 34

I woke at 4:30 even though I was off work until Thursday; you just can’t change the body’s clock on a whim. I did plan to go to the college Wednesday evening with Jen to meet with Kate. We were to do a live run rehearsal, including the video and picture segments. I needed to make sure all the handout materials had arrived. I also needed to make sure Joe had completed Homer the manikin and that the building department was still going to put the plants where I wanted them.

I went down to the gym and spent an hour working out. I felt great afterwards. Since the girls had been making me most of my meals I decided to make supper for them. A salad, fried ham steaks, with sweet potatoes and green beans sounded good to me. We had some wine in the wine rack that would go good. We could eat on the deck; it was a nice Indian summer night.

Jen was running a little late but called and said she would be home by 6:30. Lorrie drove in while I was talking to Jen. We talked about supper and began with getting the sweet potatoes started; they would take the longest to cook. The salad was shaken, washed and tossed; I added strips of cheese and other goodies to make it rock and roll. I heard the garage door go up so I put the ham steaks on the grill.

Jenny gave me a huge hug followed with a toe curling kiss. Lorrie came over and said, “I want one too!” I got a hug and quick kiss from her.

While we were waiting for the ham steaks to cook, Jen said “I have an update on the KCC arrest. We got his computer hard drives reconstructed today, he was a collector of child porn, and we think some of the pictures were made locally. So far they have found nothing to connect him to the coed rapes. He was trying to expand into photographing naked college girls to sell the pictures to magazines. He claimed to pull those names by random from a list he found. “

“We need to find out where he got the list. If it is something that was published as a college hand book or handout we need to put an end to it,” I said. “The rape victims would have been victims of opportunity, just at the wrong place at the wrong time” I added.

Lorrie said, “There never has been any kind of student list published that I know of. They wouldn’t even give the student clubs a list of the students, just for that reason. Could he have hacked the college’s computer to get a list?”

Supper was great, and then we went into the living room to finish off the wine. Lorrie excused herself to go shower. We put the dishes in the dishwasher and shut everything down. Jen took my hand and led me through the bedroom to the bathroom and closed the door. We soaped, washed, enjoyed the hot water, stepped out and dried each other off.

We stepped into the bedroom lit by many scented candles. The covers were thrown back and Lorrie was sitting on the bed holding a bottle of body lotion. “Face down,” Jen said. The body lotion had been warmed. I was oiled and rubbed from my hair line to the tip of my toes. “Roll over,” I was told. The front of me was oiled and rubbed from my forehead to my toenails. Lorrie lay down beside me to my left and Jen to my right. Jen began with kisses to my cheek and forehead before she kissed me on my lips. She lingered on my lips before forcing her tongue into my mouth. We played tongue tag before she pulled away. She sucked on my neck then kissed my chest before she licked between my boobs.

I felt Lorrie move closer then she took my hand, placed it against her lips and kissed the back of my hand. Jen was sucking on my nipple, squeezing my boobs with one hand and the other was lazily rubbing the inside of my thigh. Jen came back to my mouth to kiss me again – hard and full of passion – this time her hand was on my mound, just lightly circling, not entering the folds. Again Jenny worked her way down, kissing my neck then my boobs, this time she continued lower. She placed a kiss directly on the tip of my clit and circled it with her tongue. I thrust my hips up; I wanted to feel her tongue deep inside me but it was not to be, as she pulled back. As my hips settled back on the bed she licked it again – my knees were trembling – I wanted more now. She was teasing me, torturing me and she loved it.

Lorrie was still holding my hand, kissing it. Every now and then she would suck on my thumb. I pulled her to me; I needed someone to hold me tight and kiss me. I had her half on me – our boobs were against each other – she would kiss me lightly, occasionally letting her tongue brush against mine. I was moaning into her kisses. Jen was back at my pussy licking, nibbling, and pulling at my clit with her lips and teeth. I was close; my hips were rising to meet her lips.

My left hand was under Lorrie, my right hand full of sheet for something grip. Jen pushed 2 fingers into me, sawing them in and out. She sucked hard on my clit and I went over. I was cumming with screams of pleasure and passion. I pulled Lorrie tighter, both arms around her now. I was kissing her neck and lips; I tried to get her to tongue. My hips were working with Jen’s fingers in my pussy. I was coming down now – Jen pulled away – I cried out feeling empty. Then Jenny was back spreading my legs. Then I felt it – the cold tip against my hot wet hole – she had on the strap-on, it was sliding in. She was trying to get the rhythm, going in and out, deeper and deeper.

Lorrie felt the bed move and looked to see what was happening. Jenny continued and picked up speed. Finally she was pounding our groins together, and then she leaned down and kissed me. I pulled Lorrie in to make it a three way kiss. I was sweating, grunting, gasping for my breath. The tremors started deep in my belly and spread, my clit felt like it was burning, my nipples ached, I could feel every nerve in my pussy going into overload. If I didn’t cum soon I was going to explode. Then it started like a pin jab deep in me, in an instant it had taken over my whole body. I screamed that I was going to cum to the world. I shook and cried out my pleasure. I begged Jenny not to stop but to pound me harder, to fuck me, and she did.

It started to get dark. Jenny was still pounding me; for some reason I was crying. Then everything went black. When I came back Jenny and Lorrie were laying on each side of me, each holding me tight.

I heard Lorrie asking Jenny if I was all right. Jenny replied “Oh yes, she is fine.” I pulled both of them close and kissed them.

“Wow, I want cum like that someday,” Lorrie said. “I haven’t been able to cum since that day.”

“When you’re ready to try, we are here to you,” we both chimed in.

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