Chapter 35

After a few minutes rest I moved and started kissing Jen and hugging her close, she loved having her neck kissed and I made sure I placed plenty on her mot sensitive spots.  I went to her lips kissing her gently lightly spreading her lips with the tip of my tongue. I was rewarded with soft moans as she allowed me to get my tongue deeper to wrestle with her tongue. I sucked on the tip of her tongue and massaged her breast rolling the nipple between my fingers. I leaned and sucked in the other nipple then biting it softly. After thoroughly loving her breast I kissed and licked my way to her mound where I gently licked her clit and worked my down.

I kissed and licked and sucked from her clit to her perineum. Jen loved to have her perineum licked it was her secret hot spot l had found it by accident and I enjoyed setting her off with it. I lifted her leg so I could spread her wide to allow me to have access to her perineum and her most sensitive places of her pussy. I licked, fingered and sucked. Her hips were responding to me and her moans were growing louder and more intense the desire building.

I lifted my head from her crotch to see Lorrie laying next to her as she had to me. Lorrie had her hand and was kissing the back of it. I inserted two fingers and sucked harder on her clit I began stroking those fingers in and out slowly adding a twisting motion. I could tell she was close the moans were now continuous her hips were loosing their rhythm thrusting erratically.

I allowed plenty spittle to run down the crack of her ass, I wet my thumb and pushed it against her rectum withdrew it a little to allow more lube there. I pushed hard and as my thumb popped into her ass I bit gently on her clit. Jen screamed as her orgasm took over her body, her legs pushed down hard on the bed lifting her pussy hard against my face. I finished her off by rapidly thrusting my fingers into her orifices. Jen went limp so I moved up beside her and kissed her,

I leaned over her and kissed Lorrie on the cheek and fore head, then started to pull away. Lorrie pulled me back and kissed me hard on the lips even giving me a little tongue before pulling away. She was smiling, her eyes sparkling. She said “one day soon I think I will be ready it is so wonderful to just be a part of the feelings and love you share”.

We showered, put dry sheets on the bed and the three of went to sleep, and Lorrie spooned tight against me which seemed to be her favorite position. Some time during the night we rolled, when I woke in the morning it was me spooning against Lorrie. I had one arm under her, one over her with a hand full of her breast lightly massaging it. As soon as I realized what I was doing I stopped and pulled my hand away, she was apparently awake. Lorrie giggled and said “you’re a sneaky one even in your sleep I have to watch you”.

Tuesday went fast Lorrie went to her classes, Jen went to work. I did all the normal house hold things, cleaned, did the wash. I went down to the gym and did a work out. While I was down there I looked through Jakes kinky collection of goodies. By myself I could take time to look at everything real good. He had a complete set of leather apparel both male and female, all kinds of bdsm toys whips, floggers, dungeon equipment   including urethral sounds and the largest collection of vibes, dildo and strap on and inflatable’s  I had seen outside of an adult store. There was also one cabinet that was locked as I continued my search I found the key. There were a dozen big photo albums plus home made vhs tapes and DVDs along with camera equipment. A quick thumb through of the photo albums showed wild sex parties in this very room. When I had time I was definitely going to look at those videos and pictures.

I received several e-mails from the college security department informing me that multiple deliveries had been made. That should have been the rest of the things that I needed for the seminar.

Joe sent me an e-mail that Homer was done awaiting my inspection and approval before being carried to the field house. I replied to all that I would be there Wednesday afternoon to assist with the final preparations so Jenny and I could do a final rehearsal that evening.

Kate also sent a e-mail that she had the video ready and would be there Wednesday night to run it with the rehearsal.

I was at the college at noon on Wednesday. The mats, plants and everything was in place by three. I met with Joe and he filled in on the secrets of Homer.

He had used inner tubes inflated at low pressure for the legs, an inner tube partially filled with water and low air pressure to make the whole center of the body, a heavy duty water balloon partially filled with water made the head painted with eyes and a leer. He also had a beat up baseball hat glued on. It was fastened with mono filament netting to the body making it look like he has scars the pants must have been size 50 they were big and the shirt had been sewed to the pants to keep everything together.  An old pair of work boots filled with sand and tied to legs of the pants finished it off. A wooden stand held it upright with leather straps that made it look like he had on suspenders. It was perfect we could beat it kick it and have a ball with it.

The rehearsal went great I had two possible endings prepared we were ready now everything was in place. The question was would I have a job the day after.

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