Chapter 36

Jenny and I arrived two hours early to do the final check outs and walk through. We checked and double check everything. Kate assured me that the video we need was ready to go and she was going to be there to run the equipment her self.

The front of the field house is where everything was set up. There was a very large screen that Kate was going to run the video and pictures on. When there were not running a telephoto camera would project what we were doing on that screen. The plants and trees were placed 6 feet from the wall half way across the field house. Homer was placed there. Between the trees and plants and the first row of seats the entire width of the field house were wrestling mats 12 feet wide.

I disabled the security cams inside the field house. I didn’t want there to be any recording on the servers. Security was instructed they were not to enter the field hours unless I called them and only then if I declared an emergency.

Jenny and I went to change. We both wore our protective training gear. I had on my work pants and belt without the cuffs and other hardware I was going to carry the gear with me but not wear it for what we had planned. I also wore a tight sweat shirt. I was wired with a mike for the audio system. The battery pack would be on the side instead of on my back. I had on my leather work shoes.

Jenny on the other hand would be totally covered. Over the gear she wore a black sweat shirt and had a full black mask the only thing visible was her eyes. She wore heavy black pants and black gloves. She looked like a man. She was also wired. She had been practicing with her voice so that she sounded like a man with a growl.

The college had over six hundred girls, given that this was the third rape class they had and it wasn’t mandatory I was hopping for 150 or so. We have seating for 300.

At six thirty the girls started filtering in through the main entrance. I stood there and picked out several girls depending on what they were wearing. I was looking for sweat pants and sweat shirts, jeans and belts, skirts, types of shoes and body size. I asked them if they would assist me demonstrations during the seminar. I warned that I may embarrass them but it would be for the good of the cause and those that agreed to participate I gave name cards to. I ended up with fifteen possible helpers.

Lorrie had been one of the first girls in and was sitting in the middle of the second row I thought she must be cold she had a heavy jacket on… When the girls stopped coming in the seating we had set up was full.

At seven the lights dimed I walked to the center.

“Ladies please turn off all cell phones; please do not take pictures, audio or video of to night’s class.” As I talked I walked back and forth across the front.

“Good evening girls, my name is Roberta Josephine Jones chief of security. My friends shortened that to Bobby Joe and later to BJ. When we meet around campus BJ is fine.”

This seminar is for girls only. I want all of you to look to your left to see if the person beside you has girl parts and if in doubt give it a squeeze in all the right places. Then do the same thing to your right. If you find no girl parts I want you to stand up a yell real loud. “I found one” I have a special job for any boys that are here. OK now do it.”

Rape as defined by Webster

Is forced sexual intercourse including both psychological coercion as well as physical force? Forced sexual intercourse means penetration by the offender(s). IT includes attempted rapes, male as well as female victims, and both heterosexual and homosexual rape. Attempted rape includes verbal threats of rape.

By penetration we are talking about oral, vaginal or anal. I don’t like the word vaginal in this setting it sounds like we are dissecting a frog, and in reality few women use that term outside the medical community. In a Redbook questionnaire most women preferred pussy when discussing that part of their anatomy. How ever for tonight in order to be some what modest we are going to call it kitty. When you hear your neighbor outside calling here “kitty, kitty, kitty” you know he is after the pussy- cat. There was laughter at that.

In 1995 there were 260,000 reported rapes or attempted rapes. A full 30 % of those reported were in the 18 to 24 age group. That’s the very group I’m standing here looking at. A new study suggests that 1 in 4 female college students will be a victim of sexual assault.

Six years ago while I was in a foreign country I was drugged and raped. They didn’t give me enough drugs and I came out to soon, I was being fisted.  If you don’t know what fisted is? Kate then played the 30 second clip played all bloody with ear piercing screams.

The gasp from the students was very loud.  Rape is never pretty.  Then 60 slides of broken, battered and bruised women played.

The physical damage from rape can be horrific or deadly. The physiological damage can last a life time. The purpose of tonight’s seminar is to teach you how not to become a victim, how to defend yourself.

I was walking from the left to the right and was just about half way when Jen sprang out from behind the row of trees come up behind me with a knife to my throat. There were shouts from the girls ‘look out’ and gasps and screams.

She said with that growl “your ass is mine I’m going to fuck your pussy till you bleed then I’m going to fuck your ass some more,  I’ll mark you for life every time you look in the mirror you will remember me.” I grabbed her arm and pulled the knife away then turned and shoved her away. For the next fifteen minutes we went through the fight routine we had practiced. With us wearing mikes the hits and kicks were loud and sounded very hard.  Each of us at least once ended up at the feet of the girls in the first row.  At the end Jen slithered back behind the plants.

What you just saw was what you could do with months of training. But in the real world few have the time for that kind of training. So tonight we are going to show what you can do with just a little practice, talk about some things you should not do.

The first thing we are going discuss is clothing. I know you have heard several different opinions, well let’s find out what is best. I selected some young ladies as you came in to night to help.

I chose Ching Lee to come up and stand with me. Asian 5.5 ft maybe 100 lbs, black shoulder length hair, nice set of tits, small waist. Had a long sleeved shirt tucked into her tight jeans with a belt and pointed leather shoes.

The second girl, Abby wearing sweat shirt and baggy sweat pants, flip flops, 5ft 6 in brown hair 120 lbs.

I had Abby walk at a fast clip like she was in a hurry back and forth in front of the plants and trees. On the second trip Jen came through and from behind. She pulled the sweat pants down to her ankles and almost off leaving her feet in them with a couple flips and twist of the pants her feet were secured. When she fell Abby caught herself with her extended arms. Jenny grabbed the bottom of the sweat shirt pulled it over her head rolled her onto her side then same as with the feet secured her hands with the large portion of the shirt.

Jen growled “lay still or die.” Jen place her arm across Abby’s mound to cover it placed her head at Abby’s naval and said “ meow, meow , meow.” A roar of laughter came from the crowd.    I walked over to Jen and said “ah no tits or kitty yet’ you have to wait. Unbind her and help her up. Jen complied then bowed her head and walked dejected back behind the bushes.

OK if you were looking at the clock that exercise took less than one minute. The lesson is baggy clothes are not your friend.

Now let’s look at Ching Lee, her shirt tucked in so it can’t be used as a quick arm restraint, pants tight with a belt that is buckled tight over her hips. Anyone trying to rape her is not going to be able to pull them down quickly from behind to use them as a restraint either.

Those things still will not prevent her from being a victim but with other measures along with those may help. One thing that it does do is give you more time to defend yourself. The attacker has to unbuckle and unbutton the pants plus pulling down tight pants takes time especially if you are resisting. For an attacker that is a distraction especially if this was a spur of the moment decision to attack you. That distraction allows you to do some of the things you are going to learn later.

The most favored attack method it from behind. Why?  Because when he has you from behind you cannot defend your self. Why wouldn’t he try to take you from the front Ching lee?  Before you answer that I have to tell you that I’m going to have to arrest you for carrying concealed weapons after we are finished here.

“Me I don’t have any weapons” she said. “You have 4 of them” I said “you have two hands and two feet. They are weapons of self defense if you use them”

“Hasn’t anyone ever told you how to defend yourself with the things that you have” I asked. “No” She said.

Let’s walk to Homer. All men have two very weak spots designed by nature. The eyes and the nuts they are not very big but enough pain inflicted will disable even the biggest man.

Remember this.  “KBPE Kick Balls Poke Eyes.”

The first thing you is are yell “It’s my kitty and you not going to touch it”. He expects you to scream or be so afraid that you say nothing. That statement is so off the wall that he is going to think “huh what” that delay will give YOU a couple more seconds to react.

Go for is his nuts; you use those pointed hard shoes and try to kick his nuts over his head.

After yelling “Its my kitty and you not going to touch it”   I demonstrated by several kicks to Homers groin. When you connect hard with his nuts four things are possible to happen. One he may go to his knees, two he may bend over, three he may pass out and four he may vomit from the pain.

If he bends over or goes to his knees it gives you one more chance. You kick him again .This time if he is on his knees you put that shoe toe under his chin just like you would kick a foot ball and try to take his head off.  If he bends over you kick at the throat, teeth or eyes just like a foot ball try to put it over the goal post. If you connect he is not coming after you.  The reason you go for the nuts first to keep him further away from you. If he is to close to you when you act going for the eyes is the last resort

For the eyes to inflict pain to them you use your fingers. I took my hand and jabbed Homer in the eyes several times. If you get just one finger deep into his eye he is going to forget about you long for you to get away. He is going to be one hurting sob. You shove all your fingers at his eyes and hope that at that at least one goes in like this as I did Homer again.

Now you try it. Ching Lee went to homer and yelled ‘It’s my kitty and you not getting any of it” She then kicked in the nuts and then several times in his eyes with her fingers.

“Did that feel good?” I asked. She laughed and said “yeah”  “well do I again this time use the other hand and foot” I said. After she repeated it several times I had her sit down had several other girls go through the motions.

We have a device called the “Safety Tee” we are going to demonstrate. It’s a tee just as the name implies it has a strap that you put around your wrist and adjust so that the tee rest in the palm of your hand and part of the tee protrudes through your fingers. It’s a last resort defensive tool you jab into his body to inflict pain. I’m not a big fan of it because by the time you can use it you are already with in his reach. Kate played a short promo video from the manufacture.

Kate ran a ten minute film on all the different ways girls are unwilling drugged at parties and on dates and ways to avoid being a victim by being drugged.

A while ago we talked about the rapist preferred taking you from behind because it takes your hands and feet out of play. What  do you do if you are walking down a dark street by your self and you meet someone that you just know is bad news and you cant cross the street to avoid him what do you do?

I called one of students named Hanna up and said “now walk back and forth and let’s see what we can do with this”. As she got to the trees about twenty feet ahead of her Jen walked to meet her. When they were ten feet apart Jen said “meow, meow here kitty, kitty nice kitty. Hanna stuck her hands in her pockets and hunkered down, as soon as Jen passed she turned and grabbed Hanna in a bear hug and shoved her through the bushes and to the floor.

Jen started trash talking with the growl. “Baby I’m going to fuck your ass and pussy so good, I’m going to leave bite marks all over your body.” Jen must have started squeezing her tits because Hanna who had been quiet up to that point started screaming her head off.

I ran behind the bushes and yelled “I told you that you had to wait no tits and ass yet.”  Jen growled “You can’t blame me for trying can you I’m getting impatient I’m horny and want to fuck”

“Later you just have to wait” I said as Hanna came out. I heard motion and rustlings going on behind the bushes and wondered what Jen was doing back there. I asked Hanna “if she wanted to KBPE on Homer.”

“Your damn right I do. That pervert got my tit. “It my kitty and your not going to touch it” she screamed as she went at Homer.

“Ok people what did she do wrong and what should she have done?” I asked.

I had several suggestions shouted out from the crowd.  Run away was by several people, just keep walking, get him before he gets you.

“Running away is certainly a possibility, but you can’t run from everyone that seems odd. First walk with a partner never walk alone. But if you must always aware of your surroundings avoid distractions staff off the cell phone. Keep your hands out of your pockets. You can’t use them to defend yourself with them in your pockets it gives your attacker the advantage. As you get shoulder to shoulder turn and walk backwards a few steps to make sure he hasn’t turned to grab you. If he has you are face to face with him and you are more able to defend your self. Remember KBPE kick balls poke eyes.” I said.

“We have one final thing to do tonight and after that we are finished. Please come up and get a safety tee, Meet the people that helped to put this together and please everyone come up and give Homer the pervert his just rewards. Please practice KBPE Kick Balls Poke Eyes.” I said.

“All evening long I have been putting the rapist off and now its time to pay up. Is there anyone that wants to how should I say this satisfy the rapist. Now is the time to come down.” I asked.

Jen came out and walked back and forth looking at the girls she stopped in front of one or two and growled “nice tits ass and kitty how about you?”   They replied “go away you pervert” After a few moments I said “well I guess I will have to give him me” Jen jumped in front of me growling “nice tits nice ass good fun now.

Lorrie stood up and said “no I’ll do it I have been raped before nothing but damaged goods here” You could have heard a pin drop.  I smelled a conspiracy this was not what we had planned to do.

Lorrie came and stood in front of Jen then yelled “it’s my kitty and you are going to fight to get it.   Lorrie flailed into Jenny driving her back continuous kicks, hits and punches a lot of it was the same routine that Jen and I had done at the start.

In less than ten minutes Jen had Lorrie with her arm around her neck the other on her chin. Jen growled “one push and I break your neck surrender or die.” Lorrie said “I surrender take me have your way”

Jenny walked her to the middle of the mat area, removed the heavy coat Lorrie was wearing. I could see that it had body padding inside it. She pulled Lorrie’s arms behind her took a piece of light rope and made a symbolic loop around her hands.

Lorrie bowed her head looking at the floor.  Jenny then went in front of her lifted each foot and remover her shoes. She then undid her belt unbuttoned and unzipped her pants and slid them down and off laying them to the side. Lorrie has on a men’s style long tail shirt. Jen reached up under the shirt and pulled down and off her panties. The field house was deafly quiet. She took the panties to her masked face and through the microphone you could hear her sniffing them and then she put them in her pocket. Jen stood and unbuttoned the shirt stopping when she was below Lorries tits leaving the several buttons at the bottom still in place. She went behind Lorrie took hold of the shirt at the shoulders and pulled it back and down her arms using the shirt like a restraint. She unhooked Lorrie’s bra but left it in place.  Jenny slipped off her shoes and started un fastening her belt.

It was here I made the last statement. “Ten percent of rape victims know their assailant they are either, family, friends, acquaintances, coworkers, neighbors or someone they have met before. Any time anyone pressures you, forces you, drugs you into intercourse it is rape if you don’t fully consent. No means no and stop means stop and right now.”

Jenny finished undoing her pants and started pulling than down and out flipped a cock I could have fainted. She had on a strap on with a slightly larger than average sized cock on and it was the most realistic looking one I has seen. It must have been the rustling of her putting it on I heard earlier, that was not in my planning either. There was one heck of a collective gasp from the crowd of girls. The shirt hid most of it except when she walked around to the front of Lorrie it bobbed through the shirt.

She lifted Lorries head and looked in here eyes. Lorrie smiled big then winked I took that to be the signal that everything was ok to continue with the plan. Jen reached out to Lorrie and pulled her bra off dropping it to the floor. Jen unbuttoned several of the buttons on her shirt reached inside and unsnapped the straps on the body protective body pads she was wearing. Jen some how removed her shirt, body protective padding and the hood all as one unit and was standing there nude with the exception of the strap on..

Lorrie undid the snap on the strap on and dropped it to the floor with her clothes then pulled Jen to her in a big hug and asked “are you ok? It felt like I connected with your ribs and not the padding one time.”

Jen said “You did if I had been half a second slower backing away you would have broken them.” Lorrie responded “I can kiss it to make better if you like”.

Jen said “you will have to do that later”. My mike picked up the whole conversation.  “Girls let’s put the clothes back on” I said.

This is the end of the presentation. Please come up and get a safety tee and meet the people who helped put this together and give Homer a kick or two.. We will stay for questions if you have any. If there is enough interest we will have a self defense class on campus there will be a signup sheet in the security office.

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