Chapter 37

We were there for another two hours answering questions. I must have given a hundred one on one demonstration on effective hand, finger and foot use. Homer took a beating and never faulted. Even near the end Lorrie and Jen still only had on their shirts still un buttoned at times not even covering their tits. They were answering as many questions about defensive tactics as I was and when I wasn’t at Homer one of them was. Ching Lee stayed up there with them the whole time. She even tried on Jens body padding and had the other girls hitting and kicking her in it. After that a dozen girls had to try it on.

One of the girls asked Jen what it felt like to shove your fingers into some ones eyes. That question was quickly referred to me since I had done it several times at the front.

At least by the time the girls wanted pictures taken by cell  phone Jen and Lorrie had buttoned a couple of the lower buttons on their shirts covering their pussies but there was still plenty of tit exposed.. A lot of pictures were taken. I had to chuckle at the number of hands under Lorrie and Jen’s shirt resting on their bare backs and ass cheeks during the picture taking.

It was a good thing that this was one of the most liberal of the liberal colleges around. It was the only one that I knew that still has toga night every week and still did the naked May Day celebrations.

It was finally winding down and clearing out. Jen came to me and said “I have a pocket full of names and dorm room number with the invitation to stop by any time.” While we were in the middle of that conversation Lorrie said “I can do better than that we are invited up to A 221 when we leave here and please bring the strap on. They are waiting on us.”  You two go ahead if you want I’m still on the clock and cannot do anything like that but please stay together and come to see me before you go home.”  I smiled and said “have a good time.”

I noticed that there were several older ladies, well not real old but middle aged ladies still setting waiting talking among them selves so I went to them and introduced myself and got their names.

The one that seemed to be the leader said” I had been to the two other classes if that’s what they want to call them. They didn’t last a half hour and there was no discussion or questions. You have stayed over two hours answering questions and giving one on one demos that’s got to be a record for anything like this.”

“So you liked it and think it will achieve results?” I asked.

“There is no doubt that you opened some eyes that they don’t just have to give up and lay down. I was a little shaken by some of the material but the shock value was well worth it. It really drove home what can happen if you aren’t careful. I wish I had brought my early teen daughters to see it. I know I would have to explain some things when it was over but the message it delivered would have been worth it. Are you going to do another?” she asked.

“We had not planned past one and after the ending I may not have a job tomorrow. The ending was not what I had scripted. Lorrie and Jen did that change up without telling me. I could have strangled them but once it was out it was to late to stop it.” I said “as for another we will just have to see”. She handed me a card and said “please call me if you do.”

Kate came down from the video room and said “now that was one powerful seminar you should be proud on how it went.”

“The ending was not by my script I probably won’t have a job tomorrow” I said.

“You have nothing to worry about. Here this is for you I filmed the whole thing right up until ten minutes ago. This is the only copy and all other traces were erased.

Do you know who that lady you were talking to is?” she asked.

“No” I replied.  “She is Elaine Summers; she is the owner and editor of the Kent County Gazette.” Kate said.

“Oh no I better pick up the help wanted section for sure.” I replied.

I picked up the gear the girls had left and put it in my truck along with my copy of the program. I finished out the night with a couple patrols. It was six thirty when Jen and Lorrie made it over. Lorrie was beaming and Jen looked like she had been run through the wringer. Lorrie said “All I did was take pictures and video you are going to love it”

Jen said “leave the car here we are riding home with you we are just to tired.

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