Chapter 38

Jen was asleep and snoring in the passenger seat before we got out of town. I looked at Lorrie and asked, “Was she drugged?”

Lorrie replied “No, she is just completely exhausted. If there is a Guinness record for number of orgasms in a night she broke it and some of them were massive.”

“When we were naked on the stage she mouthed to me that she wanted to fuck me then and there.”

“That was why I took the strap-on off. I was afraid she would get carried away and we would be in trouble,” Lorrie said.

“Did you know that Ching Lee is double or triple jointed? She can get her body into some crazy positions; some boy with imagination is going to have a wild time with her,” Lorrie said.

“I would love to see that!” I said.

“You will, I have some of her and Jen on the tape with the strap-on,” she said.

When we got home Jen went straight to the shower while Lorrie had toast with hot chocolate before we headed to the shower and bed. Jen was already in bed asleep, snoring like a freight train.

I looked at Lorrie and said “I don’t think I can deal with that.”

Lorrie shook her head. “Let’s shower in my room and you can join me in my bed.”

We showered together, then climbed into bed together. Lorrie gave me a long nice full kiss and said “Goodnight love.”

I spooned up behind her as I wrapped her in my arms.

We woke up at five PM that same way, only this time I kissed Lorrie and said “Good morning, love.” We both had a little giggle at that.

I showered and dressed for work, gave Jen a kiss that didn’t even cause a change in her snoring at all. I met Lorrie at the table for more toast and hot chocolate.

“Your phone has been dinging like crazy,” she said.

I looked at it “Wow! 300 text and e-mails since 7 this morning; it will take all night to go through them,” I said.

I arrived a little before 7. There was standing room only inside and outside the office. I was immediately greeted with a chorus of ‘Hi BJ’.

I said hello or hi to each one as I went inside.

Barney was the day man for today. He looked up and said “Girl, am I glad to see you. I have been besieged all day with ‘Were you working today, what time will you be in’ and the like.”

“The signup sheet you left here last night is now over four pages; there is also a second set of sheets that is requesting another seminar and it is six pages,” he added.

“Ok, I’ll take it from here,” I said.

I dealt with the line of girls one at a time. There was a group that asked if I could meet later at the field house, Homer was still set up over there and they wanted some pointers if I had the time. I suggested 8:30 and was rewarded with a chorus of ‘we’ll be there’.”

The last two girls were Ching Lee and a friend who she introduced as Marcy DeStone.

She was anything but a stone. Five foot four, one hundred, maybe one ten, long blond hair, great set of braless tits (at least “D” cup) with natural high and big pointed nipples, very small waist, nice bubble ass. She had a killer body at any angle you looked at it.

“I missed last night’s seminar; my family was in for the day, they left just as it was ending. But if you have another one I want a front row seat; I have heard so many good things about it,” Marcy said.

While I was in the middle of clearing out the crowd the other two night people had come in. My old buddy Russ and Bryan were to work with me this weekend, because it was getting close to that first of the month window the rapist struck on. I had scheduled three to work nights from now on for the next two weeks.

Russ pulled me aside and said “You take whatever time you need over at the field house; we’ve got it covered.”

“Thanks Russ, I appreciate it,” I said

I e-mailed Joe thanking him for the great job he did on Homer the dummy, he had worked out perfectly and that Homer was going to have to do at least one more seminar.

I e-mailed Kate and to find out the availability of the field house for another seminar.

I e-mailed the maintenance dept. asking them to save the trees and plants that I would need them again and that I would help them take them outside just let me know when.
I spent the forty five minutes clearing out the rest of the three hundred e-mails and text from my phone. I stopped off at the truck and picked up the two duffel bags of gear and at eight thirty I walked into the field house. There were at least 60 girls there including Ching Lee and Marcy.

I did one on one, two on one, I even added a few things that I didn’t cover in the seminar. Homer got the crap kicked and poked out of him again and took it all smiling if a dummy can smile. I answered questions gave advise demonstrated moves for two hours.

After everyone was satisfied and had drifted back out I was left with Ching Lee and Marcy. They each carried a duffel bag back to the truck then went in the security office with me.
Russ was on mobile patrol then to food break so I sent Bryan to do a dorm patrol then he could swap off with Russ for his chow break.

I made toast and hot chocolate for the three of us. We had a good girl chat. I found out that Marcy did not care for guys.
She said “It goes from hi to lets fuck all in the same sentence. Stop and no are not in the male dictionary and I’m tired of it. I have had to call someone to pick me up to many times. I want to be able to reinforce stop and no and I want everyone to know it.” I like sex with girls so much better it’s just more relaxed and fun.”

Ching Lee was nodding her head at every part of Marcy’s statement.
Then she added. “The guys in sports want us to be their on call harem and it’s not happening. A couple of the guys have threatened us that we were going to be the teams gang bang slut’s this week or else. “

Russ came back and that ended our conversation but it didn’t stop the gears in my head from spinning. One thing was for sure and that was it was time for the next generation of key access card one with GPS and in the process limit access to the female dorms to strictly female.
We had had the cards, software and the necessary equipment had already been installed. Human Resources were dragging it feet because of the legal implications.

I would get the process started and we would start to issue the cards on Monday. Only I would know that the GPS portion was working and have the codes to view the GPS data even from my smarter than smart phone. The data was limited to a five mile radius from the college.

An individual card could be searched further than that but there was a separate charge for each search. I could also set up all kinds of whistles and alarms with alerts restricted areas for certain cards, the possibilities were endless. I could even be notified mixed groups were together especially if there were more boys than girls at a location. I walked the girls back to their dorms and finished a dorm patrol.

When I got back to the office after the patrol I began attaching photos and programming the new cards and activating the GPS only on the student cards. I was going to be sure that I had them ready for Monday along with a new card policy.
I worked an extra hour on the cards Saturday morning before I went home. I had questions that only Lorrie could answer and was hoping the girls would be up when I got there.

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  1. Chris Brokes says:

    possible typo: picked up picked up

    in paragraph: “I spent the forty five minutes clearing out the rest of the three hundred e-mails and text from my phone. I stopped off at the truck and picked up picked up the two duffel bags of gear and at eight thirty I walked into the field house. There were at least 60 girls there including Ching Lee and Marcy.” above.

    Overall great work, I’ve been enjoying the story

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