Chapter 39

I walked into the house to find Jen and Lorrie fixing breakfast. I was greeted with hugs and kisses.

I winked at Jenny and asked, “How is the center of attention this morning?”

I thought Lorrie was going to choke on a mouth full of eggs, Jen blushed and replied, ”Better and ready to rumble as soon as I get you nourished and naked”.

Jen then set a plate of eggs, bacon and French toast in front of me. I ate quietly while the girls bantered in small talk.

As Jenny cleared off the table she asked, “What’s wrong, you have been awful quiet this morning, I know something is up – so spill it?”

“I think I may have gotten an accidental tip last night to a possible connection. Last night I was swamped with girls signing up for the defensive class. I have over four pages full; I think I am going to need you two to help me. I also have six pages requesting another seminar if you are willing to help,” I said.

“There were about 60 girls that wanted pointers so we went over to the field house. I spent two hours doing demos and pointers,” I said. “Ching Lee and Marcy really were into it and were the last to finish. They came back to the office with me. We had toast and hot chocolate along with girl talk.”

“It seems that some of the sports guys delivered a message that Ching Lee and Marcy were going to be this coming week’s gang bang sluts or else. Ching Lee made it clear that she doesn’t like guys. The timing is too coincidental to just brush it off as idle talk,” I said.

I looked at Jenny to see the color drain from her face only to be replaced by a very mad red.

“Like bloody hell,” she shouted, “Over my dead body.”

“My sentiments exactly,” I replied. “I want you two to follow me to work tonight and find some way to convince them to come home with you with enough clothes for several days, but do not let them know why. Can you get some boxes while I’m asleep and box up Jake’s personal things? They can stay in his room”.

“Lorrie, can you remember back – were there any threats or suggestions like that to you in the weeks before you were raped?” I asked.

“There were invitations to come to some of their parties and be the center of attraction, as they put it. I always turned them down but they were never put out as a threat or I didn’t take them that way. A time or two it was implied that I needed to be a part of their fun,” she replied.

“Do you know if any of the other rape victims were propositioned in that way?” I asked.

“We never talked about it,” she said.

“Do you know where these parties are going on, are they on campus?” I asked.

“The senior’s athletes have a house rented off High Street; they call it their Frat House. I would think there,” Lorrie said. “They all have dorm rooms so I don’t think they bunk there.”

“Does anyone know who the gangbang girls are ahead of time?” I asked.

“No, not that I know of, but you can usually figure it out Monday or Tuesday. Just look for the girl doing a lot of standing when she should be sitting, or sitting very softly or can’t seem to sit still at all. They usually get pretty much molested in the halls between classes,” she said.

“Is there a way to find out who is a member or would have access to the frat house and parties?” I asked.

“Sure – they’re proud of it; they publish it and it is posted in the senior dorm – so I have heard,” she said.

“I will pay close attention to that when I do dorm patrol tonight,” I said.

“We have DNA from the rape victims. Is there a way to get samples from those guys?” I asked.

Lorrie said “As athletes we all had to take physicals with blood tests to play, the college requires us to all go to the same doctor.”

Jenny said “I will call Dad and discuss it with him and the call the judge to see if we can get warrant for the frat house and those blood samples.”

“I’ll call Ching Lee and Marcy and set something up for us to do tonight as a cover for them to be there at seven,” Lorrie said.

“Please box up Jakes personal things, might be a good idea to change the bed just in case you don’t pair up,” I said laughing. “Also you will need a bigger car than that Vette to bring everyone back.”

With that, after hugs and kisses I went to shower. I was naked, ready to step into the hot water when Lorrie came in. She wrapped me in a bear hug, playfully nipped the side of my neck, and then gave me a full tongue kiss.

“Thanks for caring about my friends, sweet dreams” she said as she walked away. I showered and went to bed.

I had a miserable nights sleep; I tossed and turned, worst of all I had another dream. I was back in the sand box. Hell was going on all around us. We were taking heavy small arms fire. We were out numbered ten to one and pinned down. I called for air support only to be told because of weather it was still setting on the carrier deck.

I called for artillery to lay down a barrage then start walking to us 5 meters at a time. Hopefully we were in range of the new hyper heavy artillery rounds. I hoped they would hear the cease fire order the first time.

I ordered the living to strip the dead of their ammo and guns; we were going to need it.

I stuffed the pistol from the dead marine beside me into my vest and his grenades beside me. The barrage started behind enemy positions. It succeeded in driving the enemy out of his cover and foxholes and sent them at a full charge in our direction. The barrel on my m16 was smoking and started to change colors. There were five clips left, then four, three, two – out of rifle ammo. It didn’t matter much now they were close enough for the grenades. In less than a minute the artillery was going to be dropping on us anyhow.

The last grenade left my fingertips; it was now pistols and hand to hand. There weren’t many left but they were still coming.

I didn’t hear any rifle fire from my troops. That meant everyone was out of rifle ammo or dead.

I was counting down the changes in the artillery, guessing how much time we had before it would be falling in our foxholes. One more clip left for the pistol plus the clip in the one I had shoved into my vest. I intended to save the last round in that one for me. A female officer would be in for a slow, painful death at the hands of the Taliban.

I shoved the last clip in the pistol, keyed the radio and screamed the code in the mike to stop the artillery as long as I could.

I fired until the pistol was empty. Six more dead Taliban in front of the foxhole; damn, those four rounds may have been the difference between living and dying.

I pulled the pistol from my vest and fired four more times, adding four more to the body count. Then there were two standing on the rim of my foxhole, two more shots, one fell in beside me, the other on top of me, knocking the wind out of me. I struggled to get him off of me. I got him half off me to look up at another Taliban swinging his rifle at me. I aimed the pistol at him and pulled the trigger, nothing happened. Empty; it wasn’t a full clip, no last round for me. It didn’t look like they were taking prisoners anyhow.

I heard a pistol shot from the side and watched the Taliban fall away. The next thing I knew a big-assed sergeant jumped into the foxhole pulled the dead Taliban off me and pitched him out of the hole.

“Lieutenant. Are you all right? Lieutenant”.

When the fuck did I become a Lieutenant?

Somebody was shaking me hard. “BJ, get up.”

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