Chapter 40

“BJ, get up. The college is on the phone. Something bad has happened, they say it’s an emergency,” Jenny said.

I was already on an adrenaline rush from the dream. How in the hell could a dream be so fucking real? I ran into the kitchen naked to get the phone.

“We have had an incident. The ambulance and the police are on the way. You need to get here now,” the voice on the phone said.

I turned to Jenny, “Make sure I can get the truck out!” I said.

Lorrie was standing there with tears in her eyes, ready to lose it.

“Get more clothes on you; ride with Jen” I said to her.

She was gone in a flash.

I ran into the bedroom and stuck my head under the cold shower to calm me down, then a quick dry. Panties, tee shirt, socks, vest, pants shirt with the fixings, shoes and the officer’s tool belt and gun. Four and a half minutes and I was on my way out the door.

I passed Jen on the steps – she said “We are right behind you.”

I had got to the end of the street when I saw her state Crown Vic come out of the driveway with the red and blue grill lights on.

A couple of turns and I was on 50 headed east and running hard.

Jen called, the hands free picked it up, “You got your seat belt on?”

“Yes, mom,” I said.

“Whatever you are comfortable with, remember you have to get there to be of any help,” she said.

I was running 90, at least I was passing a few cars. I saw a marked cruiser pull out from a side road and he lit up the lights; I guess he thought he had a high speed chase. A minute later his lights went out and he backed out of sight.

Thirty minutes later I was pulling up to the security building in time to see the ambulance leaving with a LPD escort. I walked into an office full of people. Mrs. Short and director Bob Jackson from HR was there. The mouthy LPD beat cop was back, he started to get all mouthy again until Jenny walked in, then he got awful quiet.

Short, Jackson, Bill Broke the day guy, Jenny and I went into my office where I got a short update. “The student in the other room, Vickie Snow, was refusing to talk to anyone until you got here. She was accused of assaulting Dan Blueberg by kicking him several times in the nuts,” they said.

I looked at Jenny and we were both fighting hard not to laugh.

“I’ll go talk to her and inform her that we need to do an interview as part of the investigation,” I told the assembled group.

I went out and told Lorrie, “Go find Ching Lee and Marcy and stay with them, or bring them and their things over here.”

“Vickie, how are you?” I asked.

“My boobs hurt like hell. I am so glad you are here. They started right off treating me like crap,” she said.

“You do understand that we are going to have to get a recorded video statement from you,” I said.

“Yes, I have no problem with that, the student attorney will be here to look out for me, won’t he?” she asked.

“If you feel you need one, we will wait until one arrives,” I said.

“I defended myself and I have a couple of witness, I think. If you ask any questions I am worried about I will refuse to answer them,” she replied.

“OK, write the witnesses’ names down on the pad and I will have someone go get them before someone else gets a chance to influence them,” I said.

“While you are doing that I will set up the interview,” I said.

I went out and informed the others what we were going to do. I carried the tape recorder and the video camera in and set them up as well as closed the curtains. Vickie handed me the list of witnesses as I left.

I gave it to Bill with instructions, “Find them, bring them here, and separate them until we can question them.”

It was decided that Mrs. Short, Mr. Jackson, Jen and I would do the interview. I was to be the lead.

“Ms, Snow, do you understand your rights and that at this time you waive your right to an attorney but can stop this process at any time by requesting one be present” I said.

“Yes, I do,” she replied.

“State your full name, birth date and student number for the record.”

“Victoria Jean Snow, June 15’ 1992, student number 2009715. Please call me Vicky,” she said.

“Vicky, start at the beginning, tell us what happened,” I said.

“Jan, Pattie, Reva, Cindy and I were leaving the pool. We had been swimming laps for exercise. As we walked by the boys locker room Dan came out, stopped me and told the other girls to go on, that I would be along later,” she stated.

As they walked away he said, “You are going to be my slut for today.”

I said, “No, I am not.”

He said, “Oh yes, you are.”

“Then he grabbed both my breasts in his hands and tried to crush them. I screamed like hell and he just laughed. Like this.” Vicky held up her hands to demonstrate.

“When you agree the pain will stop,” he said.

I was close to passing out so I said; “OK” to get him to stop.

He let go and backed up a bit.

Then he said, “Go into the locker room and strip.”

“I knew there were a lot of guys in the locker room. I could hear them in there,” she said. “I was not going in there.”

“That’s when I kicked him like we practiced on Homer, so I could get away like BJ and Miss Coles showed us in the seminar. He groaned and his eyes rolled back in his head so I kicked him again; he went to his knees and I ran. My friends were still waiting on me. We ran all the way over here.”

Mrs. Short asked “Who is Homer?”

“Homer the pervert is one bad dude. We keep him over in the field house.“

Mrs. Short said, “You what!?”

“I’ll take you over and introduce you when we are through,” I said.

“Yes, you will,” she replied.

“Vicky, you said your breasts are hurting?” I stated.

“Yes they are, real bad,” she said.

“Vicky, I need to see them so I’m going to ask Mr. Jackson to step out so it is just us ladies. I know it will be embarrassing but it has to be done. Ok?” I said.

“Ok BJ, I trust you so it will be OK,” she said.

Mr. Jackson excused himself. Vicky removed her top to show us her severely red and terrible looking breasts; they were quickly turning black and blue. Mrs. Short let out a gasp as she saw them. I had Vicky step directly in front of the video camera then I took a lot of close up still shots. Vicky put her top back on and I had Mr. Jackson come back in.

“Bob, the physical evidence backs up her statement. Do we agree on that, ladies?” I asked. All responded with “Yes!”

“Vicky, has anything happened like this to you here at the college before?” I asked.

”No,” she replied.

“Does anyone have any more questions for Vicky?” I asked.

No one did so I shut down the camera and tape recorder. I went out to the first aid kit and got several of the instant ice packs, crushing them as I went back in. I handed them to Vicky and told her to hold them against her breasts.

“Jen, please take Vicky to the ER for treatment and see if they can confirm a time for the evidence. Make sure it is not the same doctor that is treating Mr. Blueburg,” I said. Jen nodded and they left.

Mrs. Short, Bob and I carried the equipment back to my office. I sat at the control consol for the security cameras and pulled up the hidden camera for the hallway by the pool. I punched in the time frame that should have covered the assault, then fast forwarded to it. I amplified the volume and recorded it to a DVD as we watched the original. It supported Vicky’s statement 100 percent.

“How long have we been able to do that and why haven’t I seen that camera before?” Bob asked.

“Since the last upgrade and it is in the group that is blocked out over privacy concerns and requires password to access it. It also keeps a log of all who access it. Your code and password were sent to you in the upgrade packet,” I replied.

We did quick interviews with the witnesses. Their story was the same as Vickie’s.

Jen and Vicky returned. “Two to three hours, ice and light pain meds,” Jen told us.

“That fits, then” I said.

“Vicky, Mrs. Short wants to meet Homer; do you feel up to doing the introductions? “ I asked. “Sure, lets go,” she replied.

We gathered around Homer as Vicky shouted “It’s my kitty and you’re not going to touch it!” and she promptly gave Homer a left and a right kick then a double jab in the eyes.

Bob looked at me and said “I can see why Mr. Blueberg is at the hospital right now, I don’t think I will need to be reminded to stay at least 6 feet away from these young ladies.”

Mrs. Short asked, “How many had this training?”

“300 were here for the seminar; maybe 100 had participated in the hands on,” I replied.

“Good!” she replied.

“Vicky, I can’t let you stay here this weekend. Ching Lee, Marcy and Lorrie are staying at my house with Jen this weekend; you can stay with them if you like. You can double-bunk with one of them or we have cots and sleeping bags, whichever you like,” I said.

“They are my friends. I would love to, are you sure you won’t mind?” she asked.

“Not at all,” Jenny replied.

“Get one of the girls to go with you and put a bag together,” I said.

“Let’s go into my office; we have another serious problem to discuss,” I said to Bob.

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