Chapter 41

I laid it all out on the table about the threats against Ching Lee and Marcy. We had an extended discussion about how to deal with this problem without a final agreement. We discussed my plans in implementing the new ID cards. I was going to deactivate all the student cards at noon on Monday. That would force them to get the new card. Without a new card they couldn’t get meals, into the dorms or anywhere else on campus.

I even told them I was going to activate the GPS function. That idea was met with objections until I explained that I could get a flag any time male and female students were together, which was fine if they were in the hall but if it was in a cloak room that was a different matter. Once flagged we could look at it to see how many more were there together. We could also see where they were off campus – up to five miles – and could be alerted as they left campus. It also meant that if a girl was abducted we could get a location, as long as she still had the card on her. That immediately changed the objection to the GPS.

We decided that we would not consult or notify legal that we had activated the GPS. Begging forgiveness later was preferred to being told to disable and not use it at all, given the things that were going on.

I told both Mr. Jackson and Mrs. Short that I would deny that we had any conversation about the GPS and that I had taken it upon myself to activate it. I would take full responsibility.

It was then that I opened up about my suspicions about the frat house. Jen came in at this time and joined the conversation. I had read and reread every one of the rape victim’s statements over the last few months till I knew them by heart.

It was within the ten minute drive cycle that all of the victims had described. There could have would have been loud music. It would explain why the victims thought there had been many assailants; there were and they simply partied and waited their turn.

Yet, there was so little DNA because the victims were bathed. That would explain why some of the victims felt like they were being drowned; drugged, in a blind fold, and disorientated, they would have assumed the worst and they were being drowned.

I asked Jen if she would get a warrant for the building plans and improvement permits for the property. I was determined to get a look inside even if I had to break in or disable the utilities and pose as a repair person.

We decided to go with getting DNA from the blood samples; we could get just as much information without alerting them that we were on to them. With the cards, increased security, and more personal we were hoping to catch them in the process of snatching someone. That way we could extract the most from them.

Jenny carried all four girls home. I spent the night finishing up the report, Mr. Dan Blueburg was going to have a severe case of black and blue balls for several weeks, it was going to be a lot longer to find out if there was any permanent damage. After that and between campus patrols I worked on the IDs. They would be ready to go Monday morning.

I arrived home a little after 8 on Sunday morning, I went in quietly. As I walked past the formal dinning room I noticed a pile of newspapers on the table that was normally kept clean.

There were several issues of Stars and Stripes. They had front page stories about me. One story was about the ambush and the hearing, another with me receiving the medals. The Annapolis Daily with a story about a local war hero had returned to Kent Island. There were a couple copies of the Kent County Gazette, one about the new Chief of Security.

The latest one was a full front page story about the Rape Seminar by no less than Elaine Summers. I expected it to be a scathing article but she heaped praise on us for taking such a bold approach to the rape crisis. She praised the shock delivery of the material as a necessary evil to drive home the evil of rape. She stated that even with the thirty seconds of x rated material at the beginning she would recommend the program in its raw form for all young women, even her own, regardless of the questions she would have to answer for them later. She recommended the defensive training to be given to all women regardless of age. She praised Jen, Lorrie and I for the excellent physical demonstrations. She gave college administration an A+ for tackling a tough issue for women in such an aggressive manor.

She stated that as rape victims Lorrie and I could passionately articulate the horrors of rape and that Jenny – as a member of the Governors criminal task force – gave official emphasis of the Governors office efforts to reduce crimes against women. There was even a color picture of the three of us taken just as Lorrie and Jen began their fight.

There was a hand written note across the paper from the Governor thanking us for our hard work and an official invitation to visit the state house and address the task force.

Lorrie and Vicky were in her room. Ching Lee and Marcy were temporarily in Jake’s room; Jen was in our bed. I stripped quietly and closed the bathroom door behind me. I took a nice hot shower, shaved away all the stubble. I was smooth again and I loved that feeling. I splashed on a little body fragrance for the first time in a while. I crawled carefully into bed and snuggled up tight to Jen and went to sleep.

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