Chapter 53

At 10:35 Jen walked in and looked madder than a wet hen. Officer Grant immediately became very professional. Jenny came over to me and said, “I thought we had lost you when I first got the text. The closer I got, the more it got sorted out.”

“Take your top off, I want to see your chest,” Jen said. “Oh my, you are going to be sore awhile”. With that she pulled me into a deep, very passionate kiss with a lot of tongue.

”I would kiss them if it would make you feel better,” she said.

“Not tonight” I replied.

“You have four very upset young ladies that want to get in here to see you. They have cried a bucket of tears. They won’t be at ease until they can see you themselves,” she said.

“I asked for my phone and my personal things from my clothes and haven’t gotten anything yet,” I said.

She looked at Officer Grant who said, “I passed it on.”

Jen called Major Ashley “I want her personal things out of her clothes and brought here now, as well as her shoes”.

Five minutes later they were handed to Jen at the door. “I have a travel bag in back seat of the truck and an extra uniform, can you have one of the girls get them for me?” I asked.

“The streets are still closed, only police are allowed,” she said as she handed my truck key to Grant who left immediately.

“Please tell me what happened at the crosswalk. They haven’t told me anything,” I said.

“I’ll let the girls do that, they are beaming and want to tell you the story themselves so I won’t spoil it for them,” Jenny said. “I’ll go get them while we are waiting for your clothes to get here.”

I was immediately surrounded by four crying girls, this time out of happiness, who smothered me with all the hugs and kisses I could handle. They couldn’t believe I was OK and was just very sore. They too had expected the worst. Officer Grant came in with my clothes, the girls were only too happy to help me dress.

There were some gasps as my gown came off. The bruising was bad even after all the ice that I had been keeping on my chest; of course my nipples reflected that they were very cold. They got a kick teasing me about that. They slid my panties up my legs and helped with my pants, socks and shoes. Vickie held up the bras that were in the bag. I pointed to the old worn out sports bra; it would be loose and I needed that, nothing tight for a while. They even helped with the tee shirt and finally the work dress shirt that I wore. I had too many hands trying to help with the tool belt. Jenny and Officer Grant were doing their best not to break out in full laughter. They even helped put my hair back up into a bun to fit under my hat.

“OK girls, it’s time to spill it. What happened at the cross walk?”

Lorrie started first. “Vicky and I finished our test a couple minutes before everyone else so we headed over to building C for the next test. While we were waiting for the cross light to change, the blue van screeched to a stop in front of us. The door slid open.

As soon as I saw the two men with the hoods on in the van I knew what they were. I yelled for Vicky to get back as they jumped out of the van. They were fast and on us in a second. I screamed at the one coming at me, and then shoved my fingers at his eyes; he was too close to kick. I must have gotten him good because he let out one blood-chilling scream. I backed up enough to kick him in the balls really hard. I had to kick him again; that time he went to his knees. That was when he leaned over to fall but I was ready for him and I kicked under the throat just like you said to do. His head flipped back just like I had kicked a ball.”

Vicky gave her side of the story. “When the guy that Lorrie hurt screamed the guy that had my arm let go and looked at his partner. That gave me the chance, so I pushed my fingers at his eyes. He screamed a girl like scream and his hands covered his face. I loaded up and kicked the hell out of his nuts, even harder than I kicked Dan. He sort of folded over and then I could kick his face and throat. I only got one more good kick in before he was flat in the pavement.

The third guy in the van started out to help his friends but Marcy, Ching Lee and about six more girls showed up. He was yelling at the driver to “Go go go.” We all started kicking the two that were on the pavement just to make sure they weren’t going to leave.”

Lorrie said “That’s when we heard the crash at the stop light, and then the gun fire, lots of it. We could see people falling. We were going to go there but the police and security stopped us. We heard Kerry Ann scream then we got her text that you had been shot five times. We tried to get to you but they wouldn’t let us leave the cross walk. “

I looked at Jen and asked “Why am I not dead? The gun was only inches away, hell, it even set my shirt on fire.”

“The gun was a 1930’s palm gun, 25 caliber, so was the ammo, it had lost some of its power. In fact the last bullet didn’t fire; it was a dud. You had the latest bulletproof vest on. The state hasn’t even started to test it yet but after they see yours it will be pushed to the front fast. Plus those big boobs of yours added more cushion to allow the vest to work without breaking your ribs, they are good for more than sucking and squeezing,” she said.

At that Grant lost it, I thought she was going to end up in the floor she was laughing so hard.

“I want the vest and my shirt back for souvenirs if nothing else!” I said.

“Of all the girls that are on the campus today, probably 700, how was it that they chose Lorrie and Vicky?” Jenny asked. “That had to be the world’s worst picks,” I said. Jens phone rang. She listened a few minutes then stepped out in the hall.

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