Chapter 54

When she came back in she said “They are ready to do a reconstruct. We need you and Officer Grant to do that. There is a media frenzy waiting for you. All the sports media became news media with the shootings. The State Police spokesperson has run out of things to give them. They have the video of you being shot and it has been played and replayed on every news show since it happened. One of the media groups had a tower truck in the hospital parking lot taking fillers and they caught all of it. They saw your clothes coming in and are ready for a statement. They are expecting you in a wheel chair so they will be in for a surprise when you walk out.”

“Yes, I do want to walk out,” I replied.

For the next half hour I answered questions on camera, some were good, and some ridiculous. We would be the news maker on tomorrow’s news cycle. Jenny and the girls were standing behind me.

As we went outside Officer Grant handed me my jacket from my truck, the temperature had dropped some and she had gone back to get it. It was a souvenir leather jacket I had picked up at the PX in Germany on my way home. On the back it said “The Few, The Proud, The Marines.”

The FBI had sent two agents. They had pulled them off the Russian Embassy Retreat surveillance duty near C-ville. The State police had several detectives. The Governors task force was represented by Jenny and her dad Jason. The county Sheriff had one detective. The wrecked trucks were just as they were when I was taken to the hospital. The place the bodies had fallen was outlined in white chalk.

It took all of ten minutes, there were few questions. Everyone had seen the news video of my part of the action several times. Back at the scene it all seemed so peaceful now – what a difference a few hours can make.

What they didn’t have was the crosswalk video. I could supply that from the security cameras. I watched the girls do their reenactment. Then we went to my office where I copied all the camera footage onto DVD’s for each investigating group.

That ended the investigation for the night. The state wanted to reopen the road. The tow trucks were there to move the two crashed vehicles. I had them move the Explorer to the maintenance lot. The tow truck driver said it was totaled – add one more thing to the to-do list. Once the vehicles were gone the fire department washed down the sidewalks to get rid of all the blood that was there.

I asked the girls to come over to the office. I wanted a quiet time with them. The excuse was for hot chocolate. We needed a few minutes to unwind and debrief alone. I was afraid for how they would feel when the adrenaline rush left and the realization of what they had done set in. They had saved each other from a certain brutal and horrific treatment, but I knew there could be a down side.

The media was glowing now but there was a chance that it would turn nasty about the punishment they had inflicted to the attackers after they were down. I warned them to be careful what they said to strangers and how they answered questions from strangers.

The two survivors would get lawyers that would try to make them victims instead of attackers.

The girls were on cloud nine. They were pleased at what they had done. I, on the other hand was proud of what they had done. They had been attacked by experienced people and had won. They had every reason to be pleased.

I noticed a new sparkle in Lorrie’s eyes, one that hadn’t been there before, and a new tone in her voice. Applying revenge will do that for you. so will regaining your confidence. I think her recovery from being raped and traumatized had taken a great leap forward, sure there would be flashbacks; I still had them six years later. I also had the feeling that my household would soon be shrinking.

I sent them home with Jenny. The rest of the night was quiet; I left at 7. I stopped by the GMC dealer to see if the Suburban was ready. I was told they would be done with it by noon. They gave me a set of keys so I could pick it up tomorrow night. I was home and in bed with a snoring Jenny by 8.

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