Chapter 55

I woke up at 4 to an empty house. The note said that they were at the Lacrosse games at the college and that I was to call when I got up. I’ll do that in a little while, I thought.

What I did know was that I was horny as hell. I pulled the new toys out from under the bed. I filled the sink with some bleach water to let them soak for a few minutes. While they were soaking I turned on the toy heater and read the instructions on the toys once again. I drained the water, rinsed the toys off with hot water, and washed them with soap and water one more time before I put the two bigger ones in the heater. I also put the video cam on the tripod linked to the big screen in the bedroom. I set the camera to remote and placed the remote on the bed with a bottle of lube in case I needed it.

I plugged the needle in, coated it with lube and slid it in me deep. Then I pumped it up. As I was pumping it up I kept moving it in and out trying to find when it was tight enough. One thing was certain; an empty bladder was a necessity. I could feel the ridges on it as it expanded. I counted the pumps on the squeeze bulb; it took 5 to have the right fit. The knots were deep enough that my exterior muscles held it in but it would still move around a little to work its magic on my G spot. I lay on the bed and stroked it like I was jerking on a cock and I watched on the big screen. The movement was perfect; the wearer was in for a treat with this; in fact I would bet she would have as many orgasms as the one getting fucked. After 30 strokes or so I was ready to go over the top.

I had to force myself to stop. I wanted to try out the 8 inch one. I let the air out of it and inserted the 9 inch one. I also put a double towel on the bed. I was leaking a flood as it was.

The 8 incher was bigger and a little longer for the wearer as well as having 8 inches for the user. Five pumps seemed just about right for it as well. I lay back on the bed and looked to screen at it. It was impressive; I could put both hands on and still had several inches above them. Even though it was big I could still move it around in all directions without internal discomfort; it felt good. I bet reverse cowgirl would drive both crazy with pleasure when using either of the three. Any position was clit to clit all the way and with the ridges working on the G spot.

I started stroking it like the cock it was with one hand. When I wanted more action on the G I simply squeezed it tighter as I was stroking. With the other hand I was feeling around my pussy lips and pinching my clit and occasionally flicking it with a finger nail.

Within two minutes I was lifting my ass off the bed like I was fucking at a real cock. I was coming and coming really hard. It wasn’t just a G spot come; it was a G spot and clitoral orgasms coming together like a freight train. I screamed my pleasure out so loud I was afraid the neighbors would hear; they were several hundred yards away. I flopped out on the bed exhausted. As I caught my breath I stuck the needle in it, released the pressure and pulled it out. The decreasing knots and ridges sliding over my G spot as it came out gave me another massive orgasm. Damn, I was worn out now.

I cleaned the toys, put away the camera, then took a long hot and cold shower. I dressed then called Jen. They wanted to meet for supper again.

I said that was fine because I needed them to help do an errand when I got there. I met the girls at the Hut again. They were already seated when I got there.

The manager was all smiles as he greeted me and tried to shake my hand off. He led me to the table that was several tables put together. Not only was my harem there but at least a dozen more girls that I didn’t know.

Jenny handed me a package. She said “Daddy had it delivered from Lawman’s Supply today. It is the same as the one you had.” he said “You would feel naked without one on today”.

“He is right,” I replied. Jenny and I went to the ladies room and she helped me get into the vest.

“How is your chest today”? Lorrie asked after we returned. “Sore, black and blue, but better,” I replied. I was introduced to the other people at the table. Most were friends of the girls or members of a visiting Lacrosse team.

The same big black man and his family came in while we were eating. He came over “BJ, I think that is what they said your name was. If we are ever in a fight I want you on my side. There is no way in hell that I would want to face off with you because you have the balls of a brass monkey and you aren’t afraid of nothing” he said. That brought a roar of laughter from the crowd. We finished our meal in relative peace.

I had Jenny carry me to the GMC dealer to pick up my Suburban. I transferred the work things I would need to it and asked if one of the girls would drive the Ford truck home for me. Jenny said she would drive it and Vicky could drive her car.

I fell in love with the Suburban before I got it back to the college. It had everything anyone could want. The hidden strobe package was great. It couldn’t be seen until it was turned on, unless you knew what to look for. They had even put a rifle and shotgun rack in it. Jenny said that it was the standard law enforcement package that the state police ordered minus the radios.

We had a very quiet night. So quiet, that I went into my office and rested on the army cot for a while.

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