Chapter 71

The interviews were scheduled to start at 8:30 so everything was in a rush. As usual the bigger you get the more every thing became a snafu and so it was with the hiring process now.

A contractor from the mid west handled the job postings and did the first round of evaluations of the applicants. Those that were left were sent to our HR department. They narrowed the list and went forward with more in depth investigations. Those that were left after that were notified that they could take the job test. Yes, we now had a written test for even a part time security officer. Those that passed the test were then scheduled to be interviewed. That was where I fit into the picture in this new process. I was to interview and Mrs. Short from Hr was to advise and observe.

I had four people a day to interview for the next three days. The list of questions I could not ask was longer than the list questions that I could in this political correct environment. The interview went smooth and quickly. I even had time to take a break to run an errand before lunch.

I went to the jeweler to look at some things for my lovers and mates since I had the information at my fingertips now. I had decided on rings to show out commitment to one another. A traditional wedding band with a diamond and the birthstone of each of us was what I had in mind. They were expensive, almost a grand each but it would be worth it.

The afternoon’s first interview turned into a fiasco. How that candidate ever got this far into the process I will never know. I thought that at one point I was going to have to cuff him.
The second one of the afternoon went much better. He was a sheriff’s deputy from a neighboring county. He had applied for one of the full time positions and was truly interested in the job. His wife had just had twins and he was looking for something with a fixed shift instead of the rotating shifts that was the standard for most local police departments. All his credentials were up to date and he had scored very high on all his training modules. His attitude and personality were first rate. I rated him the best of the day. Mrs. Short agreed. Mr. Ronald Scott would get one of our job offers.

Jenny text me to remind me that we were all going to Annapolis to shop for dresses tonight and that the girls wanted to go to the Outback for supper if that was ok.

Wendy had been in contact with Marcy and Vicky and they wanted to know if it was ok to invite her.

I replied, “Sure the more the merrier. LOL besides there had to be something that we hadn’t learned about her.”

Patti and I finalized the list for the safety seminars. They were to start the first week of January with the first one here on Friday night.
The first away from home would be at Pennsylvania State University North East. Assaults against female students had risen by 5 percent a year for the last three years with two students dead. Located on the east side of Hazleton Pa. the University was just a little over an hour from New York City. It was to be held on the second Friday night of January and was a mandatory class for all female students.

The second one away from home was to be held at Ohio State University southern campus at Parkersburg. They had also seen a dramatic rise in violence against female students. That was scheduled for the last week of January also on Friday night

The third and fourth ones were scheduled in North Carolina. Central University was at Duram on the Third Thursday in February. East Coast University in Greenville on Friday. Greenville was not far from the Camp Lejune where I had spent so much time training recruits how to win at hand to hand combat. I wanted to take my family on a tour of the base. The trip would also take us trough Warren County. One of the Gunny’s I had palled around with was from the County seat. His Dad was a bootlegger. We had spent some of our weekend furloughs from the camp at his home place sipping different blends of shine.

We had promised to stay in touch. His Dads place would be along our travel route. That would be a good start to find him.

After that there was one in Kentucky. Two in Texas, one in Arkansas, one in Georgia, two in Tennessee one in Virginia.. All were scheduled on Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays.

The college had called a conference with the professors of Lorrie, Vicky, Marcy and Ching Lee. They had become honor roll students since they had been at our house. Jenny insists that all home work is done and tutors them when they need it which is seldom. The professors agreed to allow them to do their work assignments electronically when they were helping me with the seminars. They did have to do all missed test when they return from each trip.

At 630 we loaded up into the Suburban and went over the Bay Bridge to the Annapolis Mall to find dresses for date that that I planned for Vicky.

We started at Victoria’s Secret. They had the largest selection of risky evening apparel around. If we found the dresses we wanted there we could get matching garters, hose, lacy panties and bras.

Naturally the brood including Wendy wanted the same. They implied something about the mood for the group. I laughed silently at that, what a kinky group I had assembled as lovers. No I did not and would not include Wendy in my group as a lover.

We found what we wanted there in Vicky’s favorite color, red. We did do an adjustment in the essentials. The dress was very low cut so no bra and we elected for thongs. Vicky and I got the only red dresses they had. Lorrie and Jenny elected to get black. Ching Lee and Marcy chose white.

I wondered if the colors had some symbolic meaning. Are the red Vicky and I wearing representing scandalous. Is the black Lorrie and Jenny wearing a sign of mourning and the white that Ching Lee and Marcy virginal.

I did almost create a scandal. While we were in the dressing room and naked trying on the dresses I went to Vicky and gave her a full body hug and the most passionate kiss I could muster. It was full tongue with added kisses on the side of the neck with sweet words whispered in her ear. She was grinding her pelvis against mine and we were having a tongue tip battle. We started to separate but she pulled me back and we repeated the embrace adding fuel to the fire. My hands found her ass cheeks and I used them to forcefully hold our mounds together and in motion. There was no way to mistake what the sounds we were making were saying.

When we broke apart I noticed a sales lady standing in the door. Her eyes were big as saucers and mouth wide open. How long she had been there I did not know, but she was stunned. When she realized we were looking at her she quickly excused herself.

We took our items to the register to check out. When we were finished and ready to leave she approached and said, “I didn’t mean to intrude, that was a first for me. Oh my, did that look hot.”

Our next stop was the Outback. We had used their call a head seating and it was a good thing. They were packed even standing outside. Even so we had to wait for a few minutes. We were standing quietly inside the waiting area talking when Marcy turned to man standing behind her.

She said quite loudly, “The first time you touched my ass could have been an accident. The second time was no accident. The next time you are going to get to carry your nuts home in a beer mug. Do I make myself clear?”

He stuttered and stammered out an apology and turned three shades of red. After that we were given plenty of room. We had a good time the steaks and the seafood were great. We were in a small booth tight against one another. Jenny was on my right and Lorrie on my left. I took advantage of the closeness to tease both. At times my hand was at the crotch of both and they retaliated in kind. All three of us were squirming in our seats by the time the food was brought.

We were all horny and it showed. We went directly home.

As we went through the door I asked, “How many votes do I have for an orgy in the living room floor in ten minutes?”
There were six “Yes.” I said to Patti and Wendy “You can watch and do solo or join in if you like. Quick showers and bring your pillow and a dry towel and lets get started.”

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2 Responses to Chapter 71

  1. retrophil says:

    Cindy also posts on StoriesOnLine. I’d suggest you look into it. I must say I enjoyed the story more before it became so full of lesbian romance. Notice I said ‘romance’ not sex. Boring.

  2. jackballs57 says:

    Only a couple more chapter of the heavy romance then it gets into more action and story building.

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