Chapter 72

Jenny and I were the first ones that made it to the living room. We moved the furniture back and spread out the big quilt. We began with gentle kisses our bodies tight together. I could feel our nipples harden as they touched. Our fingers and lips telegraphed our love for each other. But tonight wasn’t about love just raw sex.

I put the tip of my tongue into her ear just to hear her giggle and kissed her neck. I sucked on her neck like I was going to leave a hickey but just worked my tongue against the skin through my lips. It had the same effect. I was rewarded with a soft moan. It also started me making lube. I could feel my self getting slippery and my clit throbbed.

I went to her lips and we began a tongue battle, I searched for the tip hers but she responded by sucking on mine. She had my breast in her hands and was rolling the nipples between her fingers. I must have been hornier than I thought. When she pinched my nipples I almost came. I fought the urge. It was way too soon to let that happen.

I moved to her breast and sucked on the nipple as hard as could. I lightly bit on her nipple to hear a deep moan. I slid my hand towards her groin only to find someone’s head there. I could tell by the movements of her abdomen that they were having the desired effect.

I was up on my knees to be able to move around more. Jenny had wiggled her arm under me and was now using her fingers at my kitty. She was doing that little circular motion that she knew that I likes so much. It was driving me towards the edge. I think she was trying to get us to come at the same time.

I moved from her nipple back to her mouth. I could tell by the urgency of her kisses that she was close even trying to hold off just a little longer. I sucked on her tongue and lashed the tip with mine.

My legs were nudged apart, and then I felt the tip of one of the dildos slide against my clit and Jenny’s fingers. I knew that Jenny was using the accumulated lube from her fingers on the toy. The toy nudged against my slit and forced its way inside. It kept going deeper and deeper until her groin was against my cheeks. I turned to see who was fucking me and was looking at a smiling Vicky.

She held me by the hips as she began those slow long strokes that I liked. Every time she hit bottom she would pull back slightly and rock her hips as she drove it back in. It was driving me crazy with pleasure. I went back at Jenny’s nipple with more aggression.

I could hear Vicky moaning, I figured that the double dildo was working its magic on her. Her thrusts into me were becoming erratic. Jenny and I were close, too close to hold off any longer. As the first wave of the orgasm hit I pulled Jenny’s mouth to me. I barely had started the kiss when she went over the top with her orgasm. We kissed until our orgasms faded.
I looked back to now see Vicky on her haunches regaining her breath with an ear to ear grin. Lorrie and Ching Lee were in a sixty nine beside us with Lorrie on top. From the sound and feverish actions they were close. Vicky moved onto her back and Marcy settled on her cow girl style.

I heard the sounds of more action and looked at the couch to see Wendy sitting on the edge leaning back with Patti between her legs. Wendy had the 7 in pump up dildo and a pump in her hands studying it. I sat beside her and took it. I showed her how to insert the pump up needle. I asked her, “Are you sure?”

“Yes! Patti and I have done everything else but this. We are ready to take the next step, she said. “Besides the rest of you are having too much fun for us not to join in.
I looked at Patti and she nodded her head.

I leaned Wendy back as I spread some lube on her end of the toy. I handed it to her to insert. She grunted several times as she worked it in. I instructed her to go as deep as she could and then stroke it in and out several times until she had loosened up some. I then told her how to get the correct feel as she pumped it up.

“Now you have to decide the position. Some are easier on you and some on her,” I said.

“I want to do it the normal way,” She said.

We led them to the middle of the quilt. Wendy got between Patti’s spread legs. Patti flinched as the dildo made contact with her. All of us were setting around on the quilt with them. Jenny and I each had a hand. Vicky and Lorrie were gently playing with Patti’s breast and nipples. Ching lee and Marcy were doing the same to Wendy.

The movements and moans started as Wendy worked the dildo in Patti. They changed to pure sounds of pleasure as the clits touched. After a few trial stroking attempts they got it together. Wendy even picked up the little circular motion at the bottom of the stroke when the clits were together.

Patti was getting close so we moved back to give them room. Patti pulled her knees back as Wendy picked up speed and began to pound her hard. Both were grunting along with whimpers. They were both covered in sweat. Patti cried out that she was cuming. Wendy’s stroking was getting erratic as she wailed out that she was cuming.
Pattie’s legs slowly fell to the floor. Wendy was struggling to hold her self up. Finally she gave in kissed Patti with a passionate kiss then lay gently on her.

Patti closed both arms around her then rolled both of them over. Patti ended up on top, then set up to be riding Wendy cowgirl. Patti smothered her with kisses as Wendy’s arms closed around her. They finally separated and I released the toy and removed it from Wendy. We hit the showers and hot tub. Everyone slept soundly.

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