Chapter 73

The interviews went better and at the end of the day on Friday we had our three fulltime people selected. It was now up to HR to make the formal offer with salary and benefits; then it became a waiting game to see if they accepted. We also selected two for backup if any of our first choices turned us down.

The jeweler called late in the afternoon; he had the rings. I picked them up on one of my trips around the college grounds. They were beautiful. Now I was left with the question of how to give them to my lovers. I had told Jenny in one of our bedtime conversations that I had decided on rings. She loved the idea. I just had not told her I had ordered them.

In those conversations we had also discussed children. She knew I could never get pregnant. Her parents wanted grandchildren and so did my parents. Jake did not have any kids with Crystal and I had found out in my conversations with him that Mindy could not have children.

Jenny had always dreamed of having children. I had never dreamed of having kids but now I wanted the complete family with Jenny and for that matter all my lovers.

Friday night we spent two hours in the gym. We needed to make sure that we were in top physical shape to do the seminars. Then we spent time in the hot tub. Christmas was only weeks away and then we would hit the road doing the seminars.

Jenny had set things up the same as she had done for Lorrie. We would all get our hair done Saturday afternoon and come home to dress. Then we would be driven to the Seafood Inn at the Narrows. From there we would go to the Beach Diggers Club for dancing, romancing and foreplay. All the girls wanted to go to the club, but had agreed to leave early and be at home when we arrived there. Vicky wanted her friends to be part of her night.

The changes in sleeping arrangements had been agreed upon. We would use the room Vicky shared with Lorrie as the Honeymoon room. Lorrie would take my spot with Jenny. After Saturday night I would rotate each night but spend at least two nights with Jenny. Every night the moans gave away the fact that there was plenty of sex going on in the house in the current paired arrangement.

Now for me to keep everyone happy was going to be a chore. It was one chore that I was looking forward to. Maybe it was anticipation, but for the last few days at every idle moment sex was on my mind.

Vicky’s desire to have all of us with together to consummate her commitment to my family ended the question of when to do a ring ceremony. It would happen Saturday night before we left. I started running my thoughts through that I wanted said.

I also e-mailed Jake to see if he could watch a special event on the web cam. It would be 6 AM Sunday morning in Japan if we started at 7 PM here on Saturday night. I really wanted him to see the ring ceremony so he would know that I had finally lost my mind. We had decided that we were going to keep our commitment quiet as long as possible. It would be our little secret, hell there was not anything little about this secret. In the current work / political climate there was a huge risk for us. Love knows no bounds.

I wrote the words that had been running around in my brain on a 4 x 6 index card. I wrote out one for each of my lovers, soon to be life companions.

It was nine thirty when I finished and I was horny, more than ever. My clit was swollen and fully extended from its hood. I could feel it throb with every heartbeat. I even had to sit on a towel as I was finishing the cards; I was pussy juicing so much. I went to the kitchen to get some water. Jenny finished her computer work as I was getting my drink. I poured her one as well. After a couple of big swigs I pulled her to me and there was no holding back.

I kissed her hard and searched for her tongue. I kept my hands busy the whole time. They went from her ass cheeks to marvelous tits and back. When I bent over to suck on her nipples, one hand went to her kitty. My fingers first went in circular motion, then back and forth and finally side to side. I repeated the assault on her clit as my mouth went from one nipple to the other. Jenny started moaning loudly. I left her nipples and moved back to her mouth and neck but I continued to attack her clit with my hand. When she started to hump back at my hand I stopped everything and led her to our bedroom. The audience that had gathered in the hall followed

I grabbed a couple of heavy beach towels and put them on the bed before we lay on it. Jenny and I both made plenty of lube, maybe the towels would keep the bed dry. We settled into a 69 with me on top. Jenny didn’t have any trouble finding my swollen clit. At times it felt like she was trying to suck and pull it off.

I had her feet and legs back so I had full access to her bottom. I showed no mercy to her clit. What my fingers had started before, I continued with my tongue and teeth. I inserted a couple of fingers into her sex to search for her G spot. We were both only licks away from coming. She was trying her best to rock her bottom against my face and tongue. She was still sucking like crazy on my clit and working on my tits with her hands.

I felt her suddenly tense up and knew she was going in to a massive orgasm. I prayed that she didn’t bite down with so much of my clit in her mouth. Her orgasm set off mine. I was trembling so hard as I came that the bed was shaking.

When it was over I lay beside her. As I held her we kissed and licked each other’s juices from our faces. When we were satisfied that we had it all we kissed again. As I held her I rubbed her belly in a circular motion as I whispered to her.

“When this belly is filled with our growing child and your breasts are swollen and leaking milk, are you going to let me taste the drops and nurse on them?” She moaned then gave me a passionate kiss and whispered. “Every hour of every day; they are yours.”

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