Chapter 79

Morning came too fast. The bright sun was shining through the shades. I kissed Vicky’s neck several times, but there was no change in her breathing. I carefully slid from the bed and the room. I went down to the gym and did an hour workout plus another hour on the treadmill. I showered while I was down there and pulled on a too tight tee shirt and a pair of too tight shorts that were folded in the clean clothes pile.

The girls were coming to life; it was 8:30 and we needed to get the shopping before Mom came to start cooking. Everyone was up but Ching Lee and Marcy. I would solve that. I snuck into their room to find Ching Lee on her back with the covers off. That position was just too good to pass up. I positioned myself so I could give her a big kiss and pinched her nipple hard. Her eyes and mouth opened at the same time. I kissed her hard and did a tongue dance as my hand slid to her vulva. I squeezed it, and then separated the lips to find her clit that I pinched lightly and flicked with my finger and finally rotated in a circle between my fingers. I stayed at it till she arched herself and came with a whimper like a puppy.

Marcy was sitting up wide eyed. I winked at her and said, “You get yours tonight. We have a lot to do before Mom gets here so let’s go.”

As I started to pull away Ching Lee pulled me back to return the kisses. ”Thank you for the wake up cum. It was wonderful,” she said laughing.

We took two vehicles to the Food King. I tore the list into thee pieces and we took off. I stopped at the fruit and veggie stands and loaded up, we ate a lot of fruit and that would be breakfast when we got home. Thirty minutes later we had the truck loaded and headed home.

We had just carried everything into the house when Mom came in. I helped her carry more pots and pans in along with several boxes of fixings from her house that she wanted to use up before they went bad.

Marcy put her arm around Mom and said, “Now Mrs. Jones, we are here to learn so you need to make like a foreman on this. Tell us what to do and keep us headed in the right direction. Oh, BJ has promised to keep all the sharp knives out of your hands so we will be alive to enjoy the fruits of our labor tomorrow afternoon.’

“Mom, I made no such promise, I love them dearly so please don’t hurt them too badly,” I said with a laugh.

That was how the day went. The turkey was the first thing that needed to be prepared and in the oven because it was going to take the longest to cook. She then insisted that everything be cleaned before any more food was to be prepared. All the utensils that had been used went into the dishwasher. The countertops were cleaned not once but twice by two different girls. “I want zero chance that anyone should get food poisoning from here,” Mom said.

The next project was to get the honey ham glazed, spiced, and cooking. It went into the top of the double oven.

Marcy wanted homemade baked beans so she got the honors of getting to make them with a recipe that Mom found in Grand-mas old cookbook. Dry beans, covered completely with water, add half cup old fashioned molasses, one dozen bacon strips cut into small pieces, a palm of pepper, a dash of salt, add half cup of mustard. Place in center of roaring wood stove for two hours, then reduce the heat, move it off to the side, and allow to simmer for two more hours. We substituted a crock pot for the wood stove.

Ching Lee and Lorrie wanted home made pies, apple, pumpkin, cherry, lemon meringue, chocolate and mincemeat. Mom got them started then sat with a cup of coffee watching them and giving pointers.

I gave her a hug and asked if this was the kind of family Thanksgiving she had dreamed of? We shared the next hug. It was an extended one.

Jenny and I went to work on setting the dining room up for the big crowd. We added the extra leafs into the table and checked to see if we had enough chairs. With the six that Dad was going to bring we would have enough for the twenty of us. Things looked good with that. It would be tight but workable. We could set all the food in the kitchen, fix our plates there and all have a place to sit at the big dining room table. We could put the drinks and biscuits on the table. Jenny and I moved all the wine coolers and beer out to the refrigerator on the deck by the hot tub. That would give us both refrigerators in the house for prepared food. We timed it about right. The pop-up thingy in the turkey said it was done at 4 pm. The ham was already done. When they had sufficiently cooled we put them in as soon as the pies were finished and we called the cooking done for the night. I walked with Mom to the door. I gave her a big hug and whispered, “Thanks.”

Both Moms were going to be here at 8 to start again but the two biggest things were done. Dinner was to be at 2 pm. The two triple pot crock pot warmers that I had bought would make the veggies and fixings a breeze.

At six the door bell rang. I opened the door to look at a beautiful lady. There was no doubt that Marcy was her daughter. Although she was couple of inches taller and older they could have been twins almost a perfect face and body match. She had taken excellent care of herself. She also must have been in her late teens when Marcy was born.

“Hello,” She said. “I’m Jeanne De Stone, is Marcy here? This is the address that she gave me.”

“Yes she is, we have been expecting you. Please come in.” I said.

I called for Marcy who made all the introductions. Then we carried her bags upstairs and let her pick the room she wanted. While they were having a reunion I went to the kitchen to contemplate supper with Jenny.

The doorbell rang again. This time it was the Smithfield’s – Lorrie’s Mom and Dad. It was good to see them. Lorrie was excited to see them but then we all were. We helped them carry their bags upstairs.

That only left Vicky’s parents to show up to have all the gang here for the turkey. That thought had barely entered my mind when the doorbell rang again. I again looked at a very professional couple in their early forty’s.

“Hi my name is Oliver and this is my wife Lisa. Is Vicky here?” he asked.

“Yes, she is here. We have been expecting you. I’m BJ. Please come in.,” I replied. After another round of introductions and hugs supper became an important topic. Since we were going to eat like gluttons tomorrow it was decided that we eat light tonight. Our mainstay of salad, sandwiches and soup was set up on the table, self-serve style.

It was nine before everything had settled down. I put on my walking shoes and went to the basement. I wanted to do a little time on the treadmill, but what I really needed was some quiet time.

Fifteen minutes later Jenny was walking on the other treadmill. I had walked the tension off and now I was ready to get aggressive. I punched in my code to get my preprogrammed run. I spent the next 45 minutes in a balls to the wall run as the guys used to call it. Jenny took a more conservative run. We finished at the same time. The next stop was the shower then the hot tub.

As we came thru the kitchen to the deck we picked up all the lady folk. The two guys were watching a football game on TV. I extended the invitation for the ladies to join us. All the girls started stripping and with a little prodding the Moms did too. Jenny and I showered and the rest followed. I got two beers for Jenny and me and slid into the hot water. I invited everyone to grab their favorite brew as they came to the tub.

Wendy and Patti returned from their mall shopping trip as everyone settled into the tub. They asked if there was room. “Sure, come on in,” I said. I had Jenny sit on my lap so there would be enough room. Naturally we got all the details of the mall trip. After the time in the tub we called it a night.

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