Chapter 107

I had them stand up and walked them into a row by the showers. I separated Karla and Leathers then paired the gang up. I turned each girl so they were standing face to face but only a foot apart.

“You are looking at your partner. If you or your partner fails to obey any rule or instruction, violates any rule or order you both will be severely disciplined. If the infraction merits death you both will die very slowly and painfully.”

“By surrendering to remain among the living you gave up all of your rights, freedoms and possessions. As a slave you are a servant. You can earn those freedoms and rights and possessions back over time. It will be difficult and at times humiliating, painful and at times rewarding. With the completion of each step in your personal training and rebuilding you will be given something back. For each failure you will lose some,” I said.

“You are not to speak unless you are directed to do so or have requested and been given permission to do so. In a few minutes Ching Lee will give a demonstration on the proper way to request this,” I said.

I sent Ching Lee to get a cart and bring 10 each of wash cloths and the towels. I sent Marcy to ask all the customers that were in the gym to come to the class room so I could explain what was going on. Jenny had gone to the office to bring back several boxes of supplies we had gotten just for this.

I instructed them to face the showers and empty all the contents of their pockets on the floor in a neat pile. When they had completed that task I told them to take one step back then strip and place all their clothes in a second pile. I had to make the statement that it included bras and panties.

When they finished I pulled the cart of towels to them then told them to turn around. “Here is a wash cloth to wash with, a hand towel to dry your hair with and a bath towel to dry off with. You and your partner will be in a shower together, you scrub your self then you scrub your partner. You wash your hair then wash your partner’s hair. Do all that and be standing here in all your naked glory in 20 minutes. Since this is your first assignment as a slave you will get a two minute warning.” I said. ”You do not have permission to talk to each other now Move it.”

Ching Lee and Vicky went through the piles of possessions and clothes looking for anything that could be used as a weapon or drugs. Lorrie checked that they had emptied the pockets and were not holding back.

I went to talk to the members in the class room about what was going on to put them at ease. I gave them a complete explanation from the Joey beat down, the test we were going to do and the physical workout punishment they were going to get tonight. I invited all of them to stay and watch. What I really wanted were witnesses just in case it went sideways. I took questions including several from Courtney. She played it cool so she would not blow her cover.

Jenny started setting up the equipment we were going to need when they came out. She was going to take a complete set of pictures of each girl naked plus their ID card. I wanted close ups of any piercings and tattoos. Jenny was also going to take a full set of fingerprints from them.

Once that was done, Vicky, Marcy, Lorrie and Ching Lee were going to fill out a questionnaire that would tell us everything about each one of them. We were going to force them to drink a 16 oz bottle of water so we could collect a urine sample for a drug test. We would know everything about them when all the data came back.
After that we were going to humble, humiliate, intimidate and just plain work their asses off in the gym. Most likely they had very little real exercise and a hundred pushups with a couple hundred sit-ups spread over the next couple of hours along with heavy treadmill runs and they would be too sore to cause any trouble for the next few days.

Ching Lee and I had a plan on the Mistress/Slave crash course they were going to get. They were going to get the basics.

I had just completed the Q & A with the members when the two minute warning was given to the North Side gang. They were told to drop their towels in the hamper and line up. They were given a hand towel.

“You are to pick up a hand towel when you enter the gym and have it with you at all times. When you are naked and sit or lie on anything it goes under your bottom. When you kneel it goes under your knees unless the kneeling is part of any punishment. If you are being punished you may be kneeling on the floor, soybeans, corn kernels or even nails or screws.”

“You are to address Marcy, Vicky, Lorrie, Jenny, Ching Lee and I as Mistress at all times. You will be punished if you do not. Ching lee will demonstrate how you are to approach and address us,” I said.

Ching Lee came to me and went to her knees on a towel with her head bowed and her hands clasp behind he back. She said, “Mistress,” and waited.

“Look at her form, her head bowed and the position of her hands and feet. As a slave you are never to look a mistress in the eyes until you are acknowledged,” I said.

“Yes,” I responded to Ching Lee.

“Mistress may I speak freely?” she asked.

I hesitated a bit then said, “Yes and you may stand.”

“Mistress as you well know I have completed my entire task list under DingToLocCe and I am ready to take on the final challenge. That challenge is for me to present my Mistress with a goblet of fresh blood from a condemned that I have killed by the dagger. Should any of these slaves need to be dispatched it would be a great honor for me to present to you the filled goblet and complete my training,” She said and then she bowed her head again.

It was all I could do not to break out in laughter. We had never discussed anything like that and as far as I knew there was no such thing as DingToLocCe. She was adlibbing for the gang who were now standing wide eyed and mouths open. It didn’t help me any that just before she bowed her head, she winked and smiled that devilish grin of hers. I was fighting to control myself so I would not give away her charade.

“Your request is noted and I shall retrieve the dagger from its honored place where it has been secure since it was last used.” I said. “Notice that she had her head bowed and was in a kneeling position until she was acknowledged. She then stood up, picked up her towel and tucked it into the side of her outfit then put her hands behind her back. This is the way it is to be done.”

I changed things a little, Jenny was going to do just the finger printing and Vicky the pictures, Lorrie, Marcy and Ching Lee the questionnaires to move things along. They each picked a slave and started.

It took half an hour but everything was completed except the urine samples. I gave all of them a 16oz bottle of water and told them to drink it all. I figured in half an hour they would start giving samples or drink another bottle. It was time to get physical.

Lorrie demonstrated the perfect pushup and they all did 20 of them. Vicky demonstrated the standard sit-up and they each did 30 of them. Then we gave them a 10 minute break in the slave waiting position and after no one requested a bathroom trip another bottle of water was issued. It was during the break that Ching Lee brought it to my attention that all 10 of them had pubic hair and as a slave that was a no-no. I sensed that Ching Lee knew the humiliating effect it would have on them. I sent Lorrie to get the grooming kit. It had electric clippers and shaving cream with disposable razors.

Another 15 pushups, 25 sit-ups and 25 cross training sit-ups followed by another break. Karla the bitch was the first one to be in front of me on her knees.

“Mistress,” She said. She was on her knees on the towel with her hands behind her.

“Yes slave Karla you may speak,” I replied.

“Mistress I need a bath room break, may I be permitted to go?” she asked. Lorrie had just come back with the kit in time.

“Mistress Lorrie and Mistress Jenny will assist you. You may go with them,” I said. I whispered into Lorries ear, “Clip and shave it and absolutely nothing else.” She nodded. Jenny got the sample and did all the labeling while Lorrie shaved Karla’s kitty. While they were gone the rest repeated the bathroom request. They had to wait until Carla came back.

When Carla came back she was red faced and look like she was ready to cry but didn’t say anything and assumed the kneeling position. I sent the next one to Jenny and Lorrie. I went to the store room and got 10 tee shirts and gym shorts, then set them on the floor. It was getting cooler in the gym. We had purchased a hundred tee shirts and gym shirts that were imprinted with “Property of Jones Fitness Center” on them. The intent was for staff to use them although I was sure that there would be requests to buy them as soon as they were seen.

“Mistress,” Karla said.

“Yes, you may speak,” I replied.

“Mistress does the trim meet your requirements?” She asked.

“Stand so I can inspect it,” I said. She did as instructed. I just glanced at her kitty and said, “Yes that’s perfect for a slave.”

“Mistress,” she said.

“Yes slave, you may speak” I replied.

“Mistress I am cold. If I were to get sick I would not be able to perform at 100% and therefore a reduced value to my Mistress. May I have some clothing?” She asked.

She can think and learns fast I thought to myself. I reached out and tweaked then pinched both of her hard nipples very hard and replied, “You are cold. You may get a shirt and suit and then dress,”

The second girl was back and had over heard most of the conversation. After I sent Leathers to the bathroom she made the same request for inspection and for a shirt and suit. I put those two on a treadmill and after the warm up I kept speeding it up until the pulse rate was 120. I then set the timer for ten minutes at that speed. The process continued with the rest of the gang. When the treadmill shut down two more girls went on the treadmills.

Then it was to the stair machines, I cranked the tension up so high that they had to hold on to the side bars to be able to pump the machine steps. They did 30 of those.

After a few minutes rest Karla and her partner did 20 more push-ups, 20 regular sit-ups and 20 more cross training sit-ups. By now they were all struggling with the exercises as they were physically exhausted. When they had finished I walked them back over to the showers and had them assume the kneeling position. I gave another speech.

“As my slaves your minds and bodies belong to me to do with as I desire. In time you will come to grips with this and learn the lines you have to walk to avoid punishment. Today we have worked on your physical body and that will be expanded at every session. We will work to make your body the strongest possible,” I said.

“You will not pollute the body with drugs or smoke or artificial stimulants. You will not deface the body with tattoos or graffiti. To do so will bring immediate harsh and painful punishment,” I said.

“Shower, dress and you may leave for tonight. You will be back here tomorrow night at 7 sharp. You will be lined up in the inspection position as you are now. That is naked, kneeling, hands behind your back with you head bowed. Tomorrow will be another intense learning experience. Goodnight slaves,” I said.

They wasted no time in carrying out my instructions and were quickly gone. It was well after normal closing time. The rest of the members that had stayed to watch finished up and left. We cleaned the gym with the help of the South Side Gang and Courtney who were quiet the whole time. After the South Side Gang had gone I had all of us plus Moms, Joey, and Courtney sit in the refreshment area.

First we discussed how the North gang had gotten in. I wanted to reassure the girls that no one had done anything wrong. Short of an armed guard and a set of double locking doors there no way to prevent what had happened. You simply had to weigh convince of access for members against risk. We had more security than any gym that I had ever been in. To go with that there were six of us that had been training to fight for months. The outcome of tonight’s intrusion had proven that we were prepared and capable.
After I had expressed myself I said, “I know that all of you have feelings, emotions and opinions that need to be discussed. Now is the time, do not hold back.”

The first to speak was my Mom, “I was terrified when she pulled the knife on you, proud when you disarmed her. Then I was horrified as you were in the process to drown her and with the slave thing I’m not sure I know you any more. Would you have really drowned her? At first I thought no but now I’m not so sure.”

“Mom, the military trains soldiers for months on every way there is to kill and how to survive. But for them to have a living breathing person in their sights and be able to pull the trigger is a whole different matter. And believe me, the first time you pull the trigger is real bad when the adrenaline rush of battle wears off. Could I have killed her? I had to fight my self not to after she pulled the knife because then it became life or death, me or her. If she had any formal training one of us would most likely be dead. We practice and train for it to always be the other person.”

Mom 2 was next to say something. “I said I would have done something that was not ladylike and you said to leave those kinds of things to you younger folks. What I thought was not ladylike is not even close to what you did. I knew you could be tough but I didn’t know you could be that tough or cruel.”

Before I could answer Courtney said,” I researched you after I took this assignment so I knew you had a reputation for being able to hold your own but that reputation is an understatement. What are you going to do when they come back?”

“I don’t think we will ever see them again. Think about it. They came in with their A game and got handed their lunch with no bag. We have a complete set of ID photos and fingerprints plus DNA if we need it along with ID information of address and phone numbers. They were humiliated to the lowest possible level in front of multiple witnesses and they agreed they would be slaves. You can’t get any lower than that. We just didn’t put then through a light gym exercise. We loaded the crap out of them. Instead of light weights we went to max weights over and over again. The same with the sit-ups and pushups – they were forced until they could do no more. Tomorrow when they wake up they are going to think they are dying because everything is going to hurt so badly. If they come back here tomorrow night it will be because they think we will hunt them down but I think they will disappear never to be heard from again.” I said.

I looked at Jenny and Chin Lee and asked. “What happened to Karla in the bath room? When she came out she looked ready to cry,” I asked.

Jenny answered, “When she found out she was going to pee in the cup she wasn’t happy and when she realized that we were going to watch and then shave her she was embarrassed almost to tears. I guess she must have never used a vibe. She had a big orgasm before the clippers finished and another when Ching Lee was shaving her. She squirts. We had to help her up. Her bad-ass girl image is history”

“Tomorrow we will all have to be on our toes and watch everything. Let’s call it a night.” I said.

As Courtney was leaving I pulled her aside and said, “I want a copy of the report you write on what happened here tonight.”

“It will take days to write,” She said with a laugh, “But you will get it as soon as I finish it.”

It had been a long day. I knew we would all be tired but after all the adrenaline rush and I was horny as a goat. Tonight I was to sleep with Vicky but I was sure there would be more involved. They all were and afterwards I slept like a baby.

EDIT BY Alfmeister

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