chapter 127

Today was going to be another busy day again. Unless something crazy happened at the college I was taking Monday off to work with the girls. I made the loop around the college block so I could check out the street by the construction entrance one more time so I could put the issue to rest. It was packed as hard as a concrete road. The grader and the 5 ton roller were doing the job. I was going to devote no more time to the issue unless there were complaints.

The first thing I did once I got in to the office was pull up the video of yesterdays cafeteria fight and pull all the id numbers of all the people in there except the 10 males involved in the fight. All the students and factuality that were there I sent an e-mail to be in the cafeteria at 12 noon sharp. That was the agreed upon time that Roseanne was to publically apologize to Corry for the bitch slap she had delivered.

I had an e-mail from HR saying that they would leave it to my discretion as to how long the group was to wear the ankle monitors. My thoughts were a week to ten days depending on todays out come. I wondered why HR was dumping so many student discipline related decisions on my department. In fact it was troubling. Sarah was at HR nearly every day with student concerns connected to the student union. I was going to start picking her mind about what was going on to see if she had heard anything while she was there.

I replied to the e-mail that the apology was to be at noon in the cafeteria should they want to be there to witness the event. I added Sarah to that e-mail.

Marcy sent the following e-mail to Jenny and me.

We have been running ideas about the business plan and a name this morning.
For the parent company we like the name

Jones Business Group Inc.

Jones Fitness and Training Center a JBG company
Mid Atlantic Auto Rentals a JBG company
Delmarva Air charter & Florida Vacations a JBG company
Jones Advanced Security a JBG company

We think doing it this way one corporation would cover all of it for tax filings and all things legal.

B.J. Jones President
Training and Security operations

Jennifer Coles Executive Vice President
Legal consul & Advisor

Marcy De Stone Executive Vice President & Chief Financial officer
Day to day business operations & Mid Atlantic auto rentals

Lorrie Smithfield Executive Vice President corporate communications
Charter flight scheduling & Rental vacation packages

Ching Lee Executive Vice President
Web presence and gym operations

Victoria Snow Executive Vice President
Advertising/media relations/ official spokesperson & Gym operations

Jeanna De Stone Executive Vice President
Financial Advisor

Start with 10000 shares 1420 shares each with 60 held by the corporation.

This is just one of many ideas. What do you think? Open discussion for tonight’s planning meeting after the security presentation.

I replied, “I like how you have divided up the responsibilities. I am not sure that the business group names will do the tax setup you are trying to achieve. Make an appointment with the lawyers and get it in writing. Getting everything under one roof and one tax identity will greatly reduce accounting expenses. Love you all see you tonight.”

Patti brought in an extended weather report for the rest of the month; the seminar at OHS was in the middle of a predicted blizzard weekend. How lovely I thought, just driving to OHS had been bad enough. The mid-west had been getting hammered for the last two weeks as it was. Their snowfall was being reported in feet, not inches this month. Oh well, deal with it when it gets here.

The next time I looked at the clock it was 11:30. I wondered if I should send extra security to the cafeteria but decided against it. The ones I had e-mailed this morning most likely thought they were going to have to give a statement or a reenactment. Unless Corry, Roseanne or Sarah had spread the word they were really the only three students that knew for sure what was going to happen. Then I wondered how civil Roseanne would be.

Sarah and I arrived a few minutes early, followed by Bob and Shirley. I checked off the names of the people I had e-mailed as they came in. There were a lot of other students there but it appeared to be the normal lunch crowd.

It was a little after 12 when Roseanne and Corry came in together. They were laughing and carrying on like they were the best of friends. What a difference 24 hours makes I thought. They came over to the table after they spotted us and pulled up two chairs, Roseanne asked, “How do I do this?”

“Have you thought about what you want to say?” I asked.

“Yes, I thought about it a lot. I’m ready, Roseanne said.

“Simply stand, rap on a table to get every ones attention and say what you have thought about,” I replied.

Rap, rap, rap, Roseanne stood and pulled Corry to stand with her.

“Yesterday based on half truths, outright lies and rumor I made a horrible mistake without thinking clearly. I acted foolishly. I acted without thinking about the possible injuries I could have caused you. I gave you no chance to defend yourself verbally or physically. I was wrong on all accounts. I am a better person than the one that was on display here yesterday and Corry, you deserved better. I want to put my actions behind us and I hope you can forgive me. Corry, from the bottom of my heart I am sorry, please forgive me and accept my apology,” Roseanne said.

“Roseanne, I accept your apology. I want to put this behind us as well and move on,” Corry said. They hugged and sat back down. Not long after that Bob and Shirley left.

The menu special today was pizza. Since I was there I took a tray and joined Sarah, Roseanne and Corry for lunch. I found out that Roseanne had dumped her boyfriend yesterday afternoon after she left the meeting. “After looking at the video, that was a smart move. He is one of those that only thinks with the little head,” I replied with a laugh.

“I had forgotten about the video. You saw me and the gag too, now I am embarrassed,” Corry said. “I thought that was something every girl was supposed to be able to do naturally.”

“Not hardly, there is a learning curve, you have to train or out-smart that reflex,” I said.

“Were you serious when you said you would help me when I found the right boyfriend?” Corry asked.

“Yes, but just one boyfriend and not the dorm,” I said with a laugh.

We all laughed at that, then stood and went our separate ways.

I had another dozen emails from the girls along with another several dozen on the work side, along with a confirmation call from Robert Bradberry about the demo and proposal next Friday night.

Misty and Belinda had already left for home in one of the cars. Sarah, Patti and I headed for home at 3:30. On the way Sarah said, “Roseanne wants to watch and may be you can teach her too.”

“Watch what?” I responded.

“How to suck a big one,” Sarah said as straight faced as she could. Patti covered the dash and almost choked on her coffee.

“Everybody in the room has to be naked and they each have to have their own boyfriend,” I said just as straight-faced as possible – until I couldn’t any more, before laughing. Patti was still cleaning the mess off the dash.

Bob was the last one of his crew there as I went over to the gym, “Everything is completed. I gave the access card back to Marcy. I will start on your project on Monday or Tuesday. The man-lift and the forklift are parked on the loading dock; they will be picked up on Monday.

The engineers and computer experts from Savannah National Computer Systems were installing all the necessary programs to monitor, manage and run Mid-Atlantic Auto Rentals from our office, including live data on the monitors.

In a couple hours they were going to begin training all of us. Jeanna and both her secretaries were going to sit in both tonight’s session and tomorrow’s.

Marcy took me aside and said, “The courts, banks, Wall Street and the auditors are moving much faster than expected. We may have full control in 30 days or less. After tomorrow we will be able to see everything including employees and payroll. We won’t be able to change anything until the auditors and lawyers sign off then we will get the last set of passwords. When that happens, a programmer will spend a week here for the final training that we will need.”

“As soon as we get the corporate name and accounts set up to meet our accountants and the lawyers requirements, Mom is going to transfer 25 million to the operating fund. We can return it to her as soon as the monies that are tied up in the escrow fund are released to us. The planes and the houses in Florida and the auto rental company will all be in the corporate name as the transactions are completed and become corporate assets.” Marcy said.

I closed the door to the office we were in and said, “How do you feel about this? This is a lot and you’re not 22 yet.”

“I have studied for four years specializing in big business, I have dreamed about it a lot longer than that. I am excited and I am ready. With the family support I have from both sides I am ready for anything. You should have seen Mom when she saw we had her listed as a corporate officer,” she said.

“I am as excited as your Mom is and I know the rest of our family is too. We are all in this together. I told you in the very beginning when we started the gym business it was for the four of you. You have proven time and time again it was the right decision,” I said.

“I don’t know if you have gained another sister or we have gained another member to our crazy family. Mom keeps looking at the rings. She did ask what time the orgy starts tonight and if she could bring a girlfriend. I told her 10, and girlfriends are optional,” Marcy said.

It was a good thing we had all the help working in the gym including the Moms as we spent the next four hours in training. There were enough techs and programmers that they each only had two of us to work with during the training. We were given guide books that went screen by screen about everything they were going to teach us.

When we finished for the evening the gym was in the final stages of closing up. Lisa had the last class for 10 days; Jenny was going to take over for her. The Dads and the Moms were flying in the G5 to Naples first thing in the morning to be final house inspectors. I gave them one of the gym credit cards and made it quite clear that everything went on the card.

The computer group went to their motel rooms. We six, Jeanna and her two secretaries went over to the house. Jeanna explained the house rules as we were undressing and showering and cleaning up. The mats were going to be full; there were fourteen of us. Most likely Patti and Misty would be on the couch watching and going at it solo but that still left 12 on the mats.

“How do you fit the two new ones in something like this?” Jenny asked me off to the side.

“It’s tricky, sometimes things just fall into place and work out, sometimes not. Jeanna will introduce them and you follow my lead and hopefully everyone else will too,” I said.

Once we were all in the basement, the over-grown tees came off and were hung up. Jeanna introduced Phyllis and Gabby. I walked to Phyllis, “Hi, I’m BJ” and gave her a full tongue kiss while I was squeezing her breast with one hand and working her clit with the other. After I broke the kiss, with my hands still busy, I whispered into her ear, “Welcome to our party. Relax and enjoy.” As I backed away her knees were getting weak. Jenny replaced me and I went to Gabby and repeated the welcome. By the time they had been introduced to all of us they had several orgasms. Then the real sex began. Jenny gracefully turned down several attempts to be on the receiving end of a dildo although she did use a traditional strap-on with several of the players. By one everyone was exhausted and found a spot in a bed to sleep.

Edit by Alfmeister

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