Chapter 139

Thursday morning Patti and I were at the college at 7. I had an 8 AM meeting with the board to finalize the budget. They wanted to expand our armed security for our sports team trips to cover more trips next year. There had been several problems at other colleges with gangs attacking busses carrying out of the area athletes to the local college events. One bus had been boarded with thugs carrying iron pipes and baseball bats. The board didn’t want people killed but they also did not want our students to be left defenseless in that kind of situation.

I made it quite clear to the board that use of firearms would be the last line of defense. All my security people, including those not carrying firearms, would receive an annual training module in their use and alternative methods of defense including mace, advanced pepper spray, and tazers. Those carrying guns would have to pass the ‘shoot don’t shoot’ course with a 95% score or better. They would qualify every year on the range or loose carrying privileges. The board wanted at least three security members on every bus, and two of those armed.

“All I need is the extra funding to hire qualified personal and time for them to complete the required training,” I stated to the board. They were satisfied and approved the funding. I was going to need 10 more part-time people who liked to travel with a bus load of kids.

I also thought this might be the perfect time to develop a training module that could be used for the KCC and the Frost Borough force if we got the contract. At KCC I had an older group of part time employees. A physical fitness and associated weight standards was going to be hard to implement although I could enforce some standards on my people that were going to carry weapons.

At Frost Borough the plan was to simply hire a completely new force. The current security force would not be carried over. If Courtney was still interested I intended to have her help write the rules, policy and standards for the group.

With the meeting over I stopped by the office before heading home to board the jet to Atlanta with Jenny, Lorrie, Vicky and Kate along with the Homer dummies. We were to do an afternoon and an evening seminar. Then we were to fly to New Orleans to do a Friday morning and a noon seminar and then return to the Island, hopefully by 6 or 7.

Sarah, Corry and Roseanne were waiting for me. Corry said, “Roseanne and I have found the guys we are going to spend the rest of the college year with. They are very nice to us. Roseanne and I have been on several double dates. We have been somewhat intimate with them. Both are well endowed and we want to please them orally. With my reputation Brad expects it and I have to admit I do enjoy playing and sucking his cock at my own pace. Roseanne and Dennis have watched Brad and me and she also wants to please Dennis that way. We need help, we just can’t do it deep and we have tried everything.”

“Do you want Brad and Dennis there as subjects to train on?” I asked, “Or are you just going to try to surprise them when you think you have learned enough?”

“We want them there to train on. That is the only way to be sure we can do it. We have talked with them and they have agreed,” Corry said. “The four of us have spent a lot of time together as friends in the last few weeks and had long talks and good discussions about assumptions and expectations. We have watched each other – that was cool.”

I looked at Roseanne and said, “Corry has done all the talking. Is this what you want, are you and Dennis sure this is what you both want? Doing something like this will sometimes destroy a relationship in all but the most open, personally confident and close matched couples.”

Roseanne, her face red from blushing, said, “Yes, Dennis and I both want to try. Corry did all the talking because I asked her to. She is more comfortable talking about sex and doing sexual things than I am, that is why I have had so much trouble keeping boyfriends. I can get them interested but when it comes time to perform I tense up and chicken out. I just cannot relax. Corry has helped with that”

“We are leaving in a few hours to go south and do four seminars and wont’ be back until late Friday afternoon. For obvious reasons we will not do this here. Be at 1001 Summers Road at 7 Friday evening. You and your boy friends need a very open mind and be willing to follow instructions, no matter how off the wall they seem. Patti or Sarah can give you directions if you need them,” I said.

I went to the gym office to meet the rest of my crew for this week’s seminar. It was the same as last weeks, Jenny, Lorrie, Vicky, Kate and Ching Lee. Kate was going to meet us at the airport. Her husband was back from one of his trips and she wanted to show him the jet she was flying out on. She was like a little kid full of excitement about flying.

I called all my mates into Lorrie’s office and told them about the setup for Friday. They were amazed that Roseanne would make that kind of request and could not believe that she and Corry had developed such a close friendship. They were complete opposites on the social scale. I asked Marcy to make sure that the North six were here Friday night, explaining that they had been in training and therefore could demonstrate how to deep throat. Of course they all wanted to watch but realized that it could complicate things.

I reminded Marcy that the furniture store was to deliver the bedroom furniture for the six new rooms late this afternoon and set it up. I asked if they could check it out before they signed the delivery slip and please make up the beds if they had time.

We boarded the plane and flew to Atlanta. We had the time to scope out the auto rental sites as had become standard practice whenever we were at an airport. The seminars there went smooth the, evening one ran very long by several hours. There were so many questions and many students had personal questions that they wanted answers to. We did our best to answer every one and help everyone that wanted individual training on the Homer dummies.

It was after midnight when we settled into our hotel rooms in New Orleans. The first program was at 8:30 so we were going to have a short night. Breakfast and setup for the program would take a couple hours at least.

The first program moved fast. There were questions and opinions but not a lot of them. The second program seemed to drag on forever. There were endless questions and one on one training with the dummies. We did take the time to check out rental sites at the regional airport. In my opinion there were rental site possibilities at both places. It made me wonder how many more potential sites could be waiting to be found. That was why we had assigned Randy that job.

It was 6:00 when we landed at the Island airport. I had an hour to eat and get cleaned up for the session with Roseanne, Corry, Dennis and Brad plus explain what was going to happen to the North 6.

I told them they were going to demonstrate their skills tonight but did not tell them there would males there. As slaves they needed to follow instructions and not be influenced by distractions of any kind. This would be their first real test.

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