Chapter 140

Roseanne, Corry and their boyfriends were several minutes late. We were all still in the office in our meeting when they came. I had them wait in the lobby. Marcy continued with her meeting while I waited on the word that the North 6 was done their homework for tonight.

Marcy had four of the six rental cars that were at the college picked up, now that the insurance company had settled with the students from the transformer disaster. One of those independent auto haulers had been contracted to carry them to Naples Fl. They would be there for us to use next week. That would save us some run-around time in getting cars from the major airport that was 20 miles away. Marcy had verified that we had extra keys for those cars and that they did work. The hauler was told to put the keys that he had to load and unload the cars, under the driver’s seat and lock the cars. Ralph Jamisson, the airport manager was to show him where our parking spots were to be.

Marcy had arranged for the airport authority to use one of their rental meeting rooms to do the settlement on the 20 houses, then we would finalize the lease on our rental site with the airport authority. Most of those houses were being sold furnished so we were going to stay in the one with the most bedrooms for the nights that we were there. The plan was to hold the job interviews at the house.

Marcy had narrowed the list of applicants to 10 for the three positions we thought we needed to fill, a manager and late day person, and afternoon/early evening and jack of all trades position to do clean up and be available to fill in either spot due to illness or vacations. The manager would come to the island for a week of training. That training would cover everything to date, both the auto rental and the house rental, along with the employee hand book, business policy, how to enter time sheets and approve them, as well as dealing with contractors for the house rental maintenance and repairs.

The six were done with their homework so I went to meet them and the four in the lobby. The weather had improved some but we still took the cars over to the house.

Once in the basement the North six immediately assumed the slave waiting position. For tonight I had asked them to remain dressed until I told them differently. I asked Roseanne, Corry, Fred and Dennis if they understood what was going to happen here tonight and then tell me individually that they approved. I wanted no misunderstandings. They did.

I then explained the ground rules for tonight. These six are slaves, I am their Mistress. Their health, well being, education and financial future is my responsibility. If their actions merit rewards I see they get it. If they do wrong, fail to follow instructions of a Mistress or a designated Mistress or cause me distress they will be punished. That punishment can take any form including death if the infraction is severe enough.

“This is a female dominate dungeon and I am its owner and Mistress. You will follow my instructions to the letter or else you can expect punishment. For tonight Dennis shall be sub to Roseanne and Brad to Corry. Nothing happens here tonight between the four of you that Roseanne and Corry do not approve of,” I said.

“Slaves strip, prepare your selves for tonight’s activities and assume the position.” I said. “You four strip and follow their lead, do what they do. If you have any questions ask them. They have permission to answer you,” I said.

There were four pairs of eyes as big as saucers and those eyes followed as the North 6 stood, stepped back, stripped, hung up their clothes on the hooks and placed their shoes on the rack under them.

I never had looked at the videos and notebooks of pictures I had found in one of the cabinets of Jake’s parties when I moved in here. I had just changed the lock on the cabinet to keep them private. One day soon I was going to look at them for ideas. There were 20 hooks on the side wall. There must have been some big wild parties.

Corry tapped Brad on the shoulder to snap the daze he was in and said, “Come on” as she and Roseanne started undressing. While they were taking a quick shower and getting ready I cleaned and sterilized the dildos I and the six were going to use. Corry and Roseanne had the real thing to play with.

I heard a lot of people moving around upstairs and water running in the pipes. Then it hit me, I knew how the girls were going to watch the fun. Tonight was our normal orgy night, and after the voyeur episode the other night went over so well the orgy was going on as scheduled with the added thrill of see and be seen.

As soon as I had the dildos in the rinse tub I stripped and joined in at the end of the line. Roseanne and Dennis were ahead of me. I was the odd girl out so I figured I would be showering without a partner.

Poor Dennis was doing his best to avoid displaying his rampant hard on. But you just can not hide a tool that size when it’s horny. Corry had said that both were well endowed and she was not kidding. I knew then why they were having trouble. Most girls would have trouble with cocks that size unless they were professionals or a natural cock sucker. I would bet Becky could throat it if it was ever offered; she seemed such a natural with the dildos. He was not as long as Jake so I figured him to be at least seven and a half, Jake was a fraction over 8 when he and I were fucking several times a day before I left home over 12 years ago.

As I took my turn in the shower I instructed Sly and Becky to take the dildos out of the rinse and dry them. They were on their knees on a folded up towel and were explaining the Slave present position while waiting for a Mistress and how to address the Mistress or Master when she was there as I was drying off.

We were on the mat beside the sex chair. I put a six and a seven inch dildo in front of each of the North six; I also put an eight in Becky’s spot and mine.

“Slaves, introduce yourself and each of you start with the 6 inch. Explain to our guests what you do and the process you use to suck it all the way in and not gag,” I said. “Roseanne, Corry, Dennis, and Brad you may stand and you may move around to observe each slave closely as they demonstrate or ask them questions if you like.”

The group from upstairs came down, walked around us, pulled off the over-sized tee shirts, hung them on the hooks, went to the mats and started the orgy. Patti and Misty took their normal place on the couch and began solo finger action. Wendy, Sarah and several others started a routine on the sex chair with a couple of the pump up dildos inserted. The two guys were suffering from nipple and pussy visual overload.

As each of the six did the demo I watch the two guys closely for kicks, the hard cocks were bobbing with each stroke of a dildo and strings of leaking pre-lube were continuous. After they were done with the six inch, including me, we did the same thing with the seven inch ones. Several of the slaves struggled but they eventually succeeded in getting to the balls a lot faster than they did the other night. I gave Becky the eight inch and said, “Try it,” as I picked up mine. I moved so we could see each other. I had no problem; Becky struggled a little but got it all. We winked at each other and I pinched her nipple.

I had Brad and Dennis stand in front of their girl friends and said to Roseanne and Corry, “You have seen it so you know it can be done. Now you just have to suck it your own way. Set your own style and pace. Since this isn’t a one night stand the best mind set is to make love to it. Don’t think about yourself, that can come later but for most girls to help get in the mindset we like to play with ourselves. I like to squeeze my tits and massage and pinch my nipples and work on my kitty, for me it was always special if he and I can come together.” All four were looking at me taking in every word.

“Now both of these guys are in full scenic overload with all the tits and naked pussy in here, and ready to cum. A quick dozen swift strokes and they will come. You are young and horny. They can probably cum several times tonight without even drooping and keep on going,” I said.

“That leaves you with several things to consider. Where do you want him cum? If you like the taste of cum you can pull back and let him squirt in on your tongue, then show it to him before you swallow. Sort of a like look what I have done for you, now I am expecting the same from you. Some girls like to take it on the face. Personally I am not a fan of a facial with cum, but I do like to rub it on my breasts. Or since you are sucking just take his cock deep as you can and feel his cock pulse in your throat. If you catch him cuming in time and get it deep and hold your breath long enough there will be little or no taste,” I said. “There are several ways to slow him down from cuming but we can talk about that later.”

“Time for you two to get started. Remember to sync breathing and deep thrusts. Wet it all, bob it almost hitting the gag spot. Grip his hips with your hands and when you are ready pull him, forcing his cock past the reflex, relax your throat and swallow. Hold him there to let your throat relax more. When you need to breathe push him back enough so you can breathe through your nose but keep his cock in your mouth and work on it with your tongue or do short head bobs on it. After a couple breaths pull it deep again and keep the rhythm going.” I said. “Sometimes it helps to arc your neck up and down.”

They both started, struggling but they stayed with it. They had both gotten past the gag reflex and still had an inch or so to go when Dennis announced “I’m going to cum”. I waited to see what she was going to do. He had said it loud enough for us all to hear. The action on the mats had stopped to and they were watching.

Roseanne back off far enough so she could breath. Then just as he grunted with the first squirt she pulled him against her very hard. I could see her throat bulge as the cock slid deep and her nose was buried in his hair. Dennis was grunting with each pump and flexing his hips. Roseanne’s eyes were big as saucers as he pumped his cum down her throat. Finally she pushed him away far enough to take a couple of breath and then all the way back in again and did several long strokes on his cock before letting it fall from her mouth.

Somebody on the mats was clapping and exclaimed, “That was hot!” Roseanne was grinning from ear to ear. “Corry, it’s your turn so get with it,” Roseanne said. Dennis plopped down beside Roseanne to watch Corry. Corry slobbered and sucked on Brad’s cock and tried her best the get it deep. She was gaining but could not get it done before he was cuming down her throat. Brad collapsed on the mat next to Corry to rest.

I looked to the North six and said, “We have an orgy on Friday or Saturday nights. Tonight turned out to be it. You can join in if you want, it is up to you. Pick a spot and just watch if you like or pair off and pick a spot on the mat. If you want join someone or a couple to make a three-some out there ask if you can join them. Two of you have had sex before; if you want someone to use a strap-on on you just ask as we have plenty of clean ready to use ones. If you want it to be one of these girls we will help adjust the harness and get you started the right way. You four that are still virgins, no one here will take that from you unless you tell or ask them to. The safe words here are simple. Stop and no ends all play, everything stops immediately and plenty of people here will make sure that your wishes are complied with.”

I looked at Roseanne and Dennis and said, “Come with me.” I positioned Roseanne on her back on the sex chair, legs spread on the supports. I noticed that she was shaved in the high and tight style. I positioned Dennis between her legs and said, “Its time you returned the favor, never directly attack the clit, work your way to it. Lick here, work your way down there, do circles there, suck there, stiffen your tongue and use it to fuck her there, work your way back up and around her clit, do circles around her clit then suck it between your lips and rub your tongue against it. Then repeat the process. Listen to her body read its actions. She will tell you what she likes and wants without saying a word; you just have to learn to read her.”

Corry and Brad had come over and were looking and listening. I asked Corry if they had been intimate as a group; the four of them. “We have done a little as a group. Rose and I would be pissed if they had done something behind our backs but, the four of as a group, we are OK with it. Why?”

“This sex chair works with 2, 3, 4, and more partners.” I said. I lowered the head rest so that Roseanne’s head was in a downward angle. I moved Brad to her head – he was still hard – raised the chair and changed the angle of her head down until his cock was right at nose level.

“Here is where you agree to some kind of communication. In this position she cannot back away to breathe. Usually she taps his leg with her hand. One tap pull out far enough so I can breathe, two taps all the way out so she can clear her throat or cough. If you don’t I bite your cock. Another way is a timed method. He shoves his cock to the balls and does a 4 count then he pulls out and holds out for another four count to allow her to breathe and then repeats. Or he does a series of fast strokes and pulls out for a four count and then repeats,” I said.

“Let’s try the tap method first.” Brads cock was dripping lube so I used it to slick up his cock and then aimed it at her throat. They worked at that for several minutes. I motioned to Corry to suck on her nipple and I sucked the other breast. After a few more minutes Roseanne started tapping his leg fast, she needed a lot of air as she was in the middle of a big cum.

While Roseanne was returning to normal from her orgasm I looked to see that Becky and Lisa were being fitted with strap-ons. Sly and Glenda were lying on the mats with their legs open, waiting. Vicky and Ching Lee were helping get everything properly positioned. Soon Becky and Lisa were in the V trying to master the motions of strap-on use. It was almost a comedy, but they were having fun and a few laughs.

I had Corry and Roseanne change places and the guys too. This time they were going to try the fast stroke and wait method. Brad’s tongue was working its magic on Corry’s pussy and Dennis was fast stroking in her throat. Roseanne and I were at her breast. Corry came quickly.

Dennis and Brad were both hard and horny; neither had gotten off this go-round. I picked up two towels and handed one each to Corry and Roseanne. “Find a spot on the mats and place this under your bottom. Let them fuck you like they love you or suck them off before they get a case of blue balls.”

I found my loves on the mat waiting for me to join them, and I did. Over the next 3 hours I held, kissed, and made love to all of them. I did keep a watchful eye on the North six and our four guests who rotated partners at least twice before the orgy ended.

It was 11 before I realized that the North six were still here. I had them call their parents to see if they could stay the night. I gave the parents the house phone and my cell phone in case there was a need to call. All of us showered, thanks to the on demand hot water heaters there was plenty of hot water. The four guests went back to their college dorm rooms. I gave them both instructions to text me when they arrived there. The North six girls got baggy tee shirts, hot chocolate and toast and were the first to use the new spare rooms – two to a bed for safety and peace of mind. We left the lights on so they could see to get upstairs if they needed.

Edit by Alfmeister

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