Chapter 141

I woke up at 6 wrapped in Jenny’s arms. A full kiss and a pinch of a hard nipple popped her eyes wide open. “We need to get up. The six in the basement need to be at work in the gym at 7 and need breakfast first. There most likely needs to be a little open discussion about the events of last night,” I said. “We have to get everything ready for the flights south on Monday and that needs to be started this morning.”

After a quick shower and get dressed Jenny and I went to the lower guest rooms, as we were now calling them. In one room the two were tight back to back. In the other room they were back to front fetal position against each other. In the last room – Sly and Glenda – the two that had sex and were taking the strap-on play last night were face to face with an arm across the other one.

We woke them all and asked what they liked for breakfast. I told them to shower and if they wanted clean clothes just to come upstairs naked and we would find them clean sweats and socks. Their dirty clothes could go in the washer and dryer to wear home, just bring them up when you come. I left six of those hotel room toothbrush and toothpaste and a cup kits for them to use on the counter by the sink next to the shower.

By the time they came up I already had bacon and eggs coming off the stove. Orange juice and fruit drinks were already on the table. Ching Lee and Vicky had a stack of clean sweats and socks for them to put on.

While we were eating I asked the six, “What do you think, and how do you feel about the things that happened last night?”

“My pussy is sore and when I spread my legs it feels like it winks,” Sly said. Glenda added, “Mine to.”

I laughed and said, “I never heard it described that way. It’s called a gape from being stretched too big for too long,” as I cranked my head to look at Ching Lee and Vicky, who were looking surprised.

“We put the smallest two dildos we could find in the straps. They were less than six inch and small around, cross my heart we did,” Ching Lee said.

“Unless someone changed them in the course of play,” she said that while she was looking at Becky and Lisa.

Becky held up a finger, “Hey, we were having such a good time with the smaller ones we tried several of the bigger ones. Bigger is better, right?” There were giggles all around the table with that.

“With the bigger toys you need to do Kegel exercises to make things tighten back up. As long as you play with toys and other girls no one will notice except your GYN. A surgeon can tighten it up but it usually isn’t long lasting. If you start having sex with boys they will notice it right off that it is loose and will be disappointed. You squeeze your bottom tight like you are trying to stop the flow in a hurry. Hold it tight and do a ten count and relax then repeat about 10 times in a session. Do that every 15 minutes for the biggest part of the day and the same tomorrow but not as often. That will help tone the muscles back up tight,” I said.

Becky added, “My back is a little sore. I did not think sex was that much work, but it was still fun. I never thought I would get off wearing that thing but I came as much as Sly did.”

Lisa added, “Yeah it was fun. I want to try some different things if you invite us again. I dreamed about some positions last night,” she was blushing.

“Do you think you will invite the others back? Those guys sounded like the train that could as they were getting tired and coming, huff, huff, huff and then oofff,” Erica said. The whole table was laughing.

“So all of you want to be invited back then?” I asked. All six heads were nodding.

“For the future reference you have to remember that real cocks shoot sperm that can live in you up to seven days. There are no safe days no mater what anyone tells you. Some days are just less risky than others. If you play with a cock be on the pill and use condoms regardless of what the boys say. That is why some girls want cum on them not in them, they think there is less risk but that is not the case.” I said.

“Are all guys that big?” Erica asked.

“Average is 5 ½ to 6 inches, those guys were well above average. There are a lot more guys below average than above,” I responded.

“Let’s finish eating and get to work. Remember Kegel exercises you two and what goes on in the basement stays in the basement, never tell anyone about what you do down there,” I said.

Even though we were going to cut back working in the office on the weekends we had to do it on this one. There were so many things that needed to be done in order to fly out on Monday morning; we needed to be ready to rock and roll.

Randy had been told to pack and bring his bags with him on Monday morning. Rebecca was coming and staying the night Sunday night. She was going to replace Randy at Charlotte for two weeks. Jeanna was coming with us mostly as an advisor.

We wanted to be in Charlotte at 7. Jack had three meetings on tap for us. Brady Smith, his NASCAR buddy, wanted to meet with us. Marcy had a file of papers for that meeting. She had done enough research to come up with some numbers that were competitive. If Smith thought so we were in the heavy truck rental business. I just hoped that she had not missed any of the interstate taxes and fees.

Max Kelly was another of the other meetings there. The North Carolina DA had come up with a number for the fraudulent bills to MAAR and Max was going to give Marcy a check for the full amount.

We had a meeting with the fleet sales department from Hendrick Chevrolet. Marcy had bought 10 cars from them in the last order of 50. Mark had been working with Marcy getting specifications together so we could send request for bids out the dealers. Chevy Impala, Fords Focus and Escapes, Toyota Camry, Kia, Nissan and Hyundai Elantras were some on the list. Prices were going to be the biggest factor, especially now that we had expanded the purchases to 250. The good thing is, all these people were coming to us at the Charlotte Site. To complicate matters we needed to be in Naples at one for the all the house closings. There was just no end to the things that needed to happen in a timely fashion.

The weekend dragged on in slow motion as we checked and double checked everything on both Saturday and Sunday. Marcy rechecked all the numbers for the lease at the Naples airport site. Then we broke down the purchases of all the houses we were going to buy. Together we went over the numbers for the NASCAR team request. It was near midnight when we finally were satisfied that we had checked everything possible.

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