Chapter 150

Friday morning was more of the same. Patti spent time looking for manikins. I spent time making calls to the 911 center, the sheriffs department, the fire department and the state police. I wanted to get all of them at one meeting to make the request and lay out my plans. I was sure that I would need to get some kind of approval or permits from someone or all of them and some participation.

I had made no progress at all after a complete morning of trying. I did not even get any calls back from my messages. I had a quiet lunch with Jenny and Patti. Jenny was still working out of the C-town barracks until June, except when she was prosecuting cases in the State court at Annapolis.

Jason had recommended Jenny to replace him on the Governor’s Task Force. It was a political job and I doubted that she would even be considered for the position. Also, the states attorney wanted to keep her as a special prosecutor for the task force because she had the highest conviction rate in the department. He was making his feelings known far and wide within state circles.

We had five more seminars to do for this college season. Two next Thursday at Mississippi and two Friday morning in Alabama and another Friday evening in South Carolina would finish them out. The crew for this group was going to be Ching Lee as villain along with Lorrie, Vicky, Kate and myself. We were going to use the King Air. Both G5’s were going to be busy shuttling vacationers back and forth to Naples.

Lorrie’s office clerk was now handling the requests for next year’s seminars. Many of the same colleges we had been to wanted a refresher course and instructions for the new students. The first three months were going to be extremely busy. Some weeks there were 10 seminars scheduled. Over the summer we were going to train and divide up into two groups. We were hoping to have all the colleges finished in three months or less, even if we had to do some on the weekends.

Jenny was prosecutor at several trials next week so that worked out well as a cover story. We would finish this month’s insemination process on Sunday night.

The science professor was going to give me a 2 liter beaker of liquid nitrogen to bring the storage container back up to the full mark tonight. I had been keeping an eye on the marks. I had the container for almost five months and this was the first time that I needed to add anything to it. I was pleased that it was working out so well.

After lunch Patti and my luck both changed. Patti found out from an former store employee at the local Peebles that there might be some manikins of the type we wanted at the old Franklin Department store. The store was on the old Main Street. She had started working there as a teenager and stayed until it closed up. The building had been closed the 25 years since then. The owner had recently died and his family was going to clean out the store to sell it. She was a friend of the owner’s son. She gave Patti the number to contact him.

Roseanne and Corry had visited my office to see if they and their boyfriends were invited back to tonight’s orgy.

“Yes, 8 PM, but there will be some prep work if you want a film of what you will be doing,” I said.

“Do you have a script of action planned or do you want to be directed and told what to do like professional actors following someone else’s script?” I asked.

They were just about to answer when Patti announced that I had a call from the director of the 911 center. I excused myself from the discussion by saying, “I will see you at 8,” as I answered the call.

I explained to Director John Breeze about the security conference portion of Advanced Education Association meeting. I filled him in on my plans. He invited me to the County Emergency Management meeting that was scheduled today at 2.

I collected my information and a county road map and hurried to get there in time to make my pitch and request for assistance.

I knew nearly everyone there from my dealing with them in the past. I again filled the group in on the conference particulars and what I wanted to do for shock and awe for the last day of the conference. The morning session I was doing a presentation of campus safety, student safety, and student surveillance versus privacy and security.

The college was then going to transport the group to the 4H Park and Recreation grounds for an Eastern Shore cookout experience. There was going to be pit beef, roast pig, steamed crab and fish, among other things. After the meal I was going slip away to take charge of the fake attack as its lead villain. Then the state police, the 911 center and the fire chief could break down the action to show how things get murky with live action and witnesses along with just how easy it would be to create fear within the communities.

The setup for the tents and meal were 200 feet from the highway that went by the park. Close enough for the action to be seen and far enough away for no one to get hurt.

We beat the dog to death for the next two hours. The C-town Fire Chief wanted another local company to participate with each company providing 2 engines and a tanker and one ambulance stationed at the end of each road out of sight. The 911 director wanted one of his people in the crowd to make the call to start the equipment rolling at precisely the right time, with no delay. The snitch in the crowd would be talking directly to the dispatcher who would then call the equipment on a direct channel that would not send out county-wide alarms.

The Sherriff and State Police were going to close off the road 10 minutes before go time, allow the emergency equipment to get in place, keep it closed until the fire was out and the road way clear.

I assured them that my people would be the only persons involved in driving the bus, the attack vehicle or in any action at the scene. I had to describe the attack in detail several times, including the weapons and the incendiary explosive and detonator I was going to use.

The Fire Chief, the 911 director, and Major Charles Ashley were going to witness my test on Tuesday afternoon at the outdoor shooting range near C-ville.

That meant that I was going to be spending the weekend building a replica to demonstrate the explosion to them. After everyone was satisfied and there were no more questions or constructive disagreements we called it a night. I was almost an hour late picking Patti up to go home.

Patti drove so I could make several calls. The first was to the scrap yard to confirm that I would take the bus for the demonstration. I made the comment that I wished I had two of them; one to use for the demonstration and one to practice on with the incendiary explosive I was going to use. Unfortunately there were no others available.

I also called the shooters club for permission to use the open field to test out my devices on. I knew at the time I would have to get Jason and the Judge to make that happen and I needed to make those calls next.

I had less than 3 hours to join in the business meeting, get the basement in shape for the orgy at 8 and shower. I think everyone was horny tonight. Marcy had the meeting over within an hour and a half.

We had never had all the lights on in the orgy corner of the basement; you just didn’t need them unless you were going to film sex action with hi-def cameras. I had them on one time just to see what all those switches operated on the wall. Then I understood why all those pictures from Jakes parties that I kept hidden were so professional looking.

The light was almost blinding and it took a few minutes to get used to. The lights were in rows between every ceiling joist. They were in a complete circle around the mat and play area, angled down into the area. Then there was a row on the two walls a foot off the floor. I knew they were there to prevent shadows on people in the film and pictures without having a person hold portable lighting in place.

The last thing Jenny and I needed to do before turning in tonight was the second step in the three step insemination process for this month. Today was the best day in her cycle. Finding the five minutes may be tough tonight.

By seven thirty supper was finished, the table cleared and the dishes put in the dishwasher. Even having the North six for dinner had not slowed things down.

Sly came to me and said, “Is it OK if we call our Mom’s and get permission to stay over tonight again? We all brought an overnight bag hoping you would be OK with it.” I nodded and six cell phones were being dialed at the same time.

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  1. garydan says:

    Congrats on episode 150!! Quite an accomplishment!!

  2. jackballs57 says:

    Thanks they are slowly adding up. I never thought the run would be this long. Writing has been fun so far. Thanks again

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