Chapter 174

When we got to the hotel Ritz South is when we had the first problem. There had been a miscue in the room reservations. Instead of two separate rooms there was only one with a king size bed, a kitchenette, and no other rooms were to be had anywhere in town.

There were a dozen special events going on in town this week and everything had been over-booked. I looked at Mark then back to the clerk and said, “We will have to make it work.”

We spent the next two hours in a video conference call with our group. After two hours we decided to call it and would make another call tomorrow morning at 8:30; by then all the last minute costs and data would be in. Marcy agreed that the morning would be best. Plus, it would give everyone more time to rehash things for a better ending.

Mark and I went to a southern barbeque restaurant for supper. You just can not go to the south without trying one. The food was great. I then suggested that we look for a night club to relax a bit. My brain was getting data dumb from all the numbers that had been run through it today.

With the college out for the summer there was little going on for Thursday night. We found that a lot of clubs for the younger crowd were only open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

We finally found one that was open and they were a modern country and light rock style club; a cross between old and new music. We found a table near the back.

I ordered a Bud in a bottle with the top still on and a frosted mug. Mark ordered a Miller Lite and paid the tab. We sipped the beer until both bottles were empty and watched the dance floor. They played about four different songs while we drank.

Then I placed the empty bottle on the table and said, “Let’s dance.” We danced several modern dances several feet apart. We even got roped into a line dance that was fun. In fact another couple younger than but older than Mark was giving us lessons.

They had only arrived a few minutes earlier and had been sitting in the table behind us. The girl’s name was Ellie Mayes and her boyfriend was Dan Parker. Both seemed very nice and looked out of place in this crowd, like Mark and I did.

The music changed to a slower hold them close tune. I touched Mark’s hand and nodded to the dance floor. Ellie and Dan joined us on the floor. Mark was timid at first; the song was half over before he understood that I was not going to bite him. I pulled him close – in fact very close – as we danced.

Before the end of the tune I had my head on his shoulder and his arm was across my lower back; it was that kind of a song. My breasts were tight against him and I knew they were having an effect. I could feel it rising and he was moving in a way to not highlight his problem.

After the song ended we made our way back to the table as did Ellie and Dan. As they walked by I said, “Come join us.” After they had I ordered another round of drinks, they chose a mixed drink, Mark a beer and I a diet coke with the cover that I was driving.

We made small talk and found out that Ellie was being interviewed tomorrow at a local high school for a teaching job. She had been working as a teacher’s assistant at a small school in Millersville. She had been promised a full time position when there was an opening, but so had several other assistants.

Dan was working as a part time dispatcher for a 911 center. He had been full time but budget cutbacks put him in the part time group. They were both from Millersville, a small town a hundred miles from Warrington and had been dating for a couple years.

Mark and I danced to a couple more tunes including a slow one that only made his problem worse. Ellie and I swapped men for the next couple of dances. The first one was a modern tune at arms length. The next was a slow one.

I pulled Dan close and asked if Ellie was the jealous type. “No” he replied. “Good” I replied. We danced close. I couldn’t help but notice that he and Mark both had the same problem. I reached between us and slid my hand the length of his nice cock and said, “Ellie is one lucky lady,” as we continued to dance. His smile said he liked the comment.

We took a break to finish our drinks. I asked Ellie where they were spending the night. She sort of laughed, “We had a reservation at the Ritz but when we got here there was no room; they were over booked. They tried everywhere to find us a room but there are none in town,” she said

“They are going to let us sleep in the big chairs in the corner of the lobby. Then when the first room empties in the morning, they are going to clean it and let us shower and Ellie dress for her interview,” Dan said.

“You’re not going to get much sleep that way with the phones, elevator and the door opening and closing,” I replied. “That is the same hotel we are staying at.”

Mark and I danced a couple more dances and decided to call it a night. Ellie and Dan decided that they were going to leave as well. I offered and they accepted our ride back to the hotel. They had the Ritz shuttle drop them off at the club.

We left them in the lobby and when the elevator door closed, I said to Mark, “If they could get a handful of heavy blankets and a few pillows we could move the table and chair out of the way. There would be more than enough room for them to sleep on the floor beside the bed.”

“Yes, more than enough room,” Mark replied. I wondered if Mark had gotten a feel while they were dancing. “I hope you are not shy or bashful. This could get interesting,” I said.

When the elevator stopped I hit the button to go back to the lobby. We walked into the lobby just as the counter person was stacking several blankets and pillows on the counter for Dan and Ellie. He was apologizing the whole time for the room error. I pushed one of the carts to them and started putting the pillows and blankets on the cart along with their bags. I asked the attendant if they had one of those foam mattresses for people with bad backs. He came back with two.

“Sleeping on the floor in our room will be better than in here and safer. We will make room for you,” I said.

At the room, we moved the heavy chair and table to the kitchenette and moved the bed a little closer to the wall. Then we stacked the two foam mattresses and covered them with several layers of the heavy blankets that the attendant had given them. Four pillows and a couple blankets to cover them and they had a make-shift bed on the floor. Now the question was, to see where the awkwardness led us.

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