Chapter 175

I sent Mark to get ice and some sodas. We had a small bag of snacks to munch on if we were hungry. While Mark was gone Ellie, Dan and I made small talk, but mostly they were thanking me for the use of the room. They asked if they could use the hotel’s wireless to look at email on their laptop.

My laptop was still open on the table; the flashing light in the corner of the screen indicated I had messages. I had developed one hellacious password that I used to lock it so that it could download large documents while we were gone.

I opened the program and looked at the file that Marcy and Cindy had sent me. It was the completed contract that I wanted to offer. I quickly scanned over the information then downloaded it to a thumb drive. Sometime before our 10 AM meeting I would stop at one of the office stores and print out multiple copies.

Mark had come back with the ice and sodas so I let him look over the proposal while I made us some drinks and handed them around. Ellie and Dan were still working on their laptop. They were excited about something with her interview tomorrow.

Mark asked, “Are the numbers of employees going to be adequate, and do you think the salary offerings that Marcy had plugged into the formula would get us the type of people we want?”

“I am sure that Marcy did some kind of beginning job survey of law enforcement in the area. You have to remember that average salaries down here are slightly lower than in our area,” I replied.

Just to verify my point I asked Dan, “What do you think average beginning pay is for local law enforcement in the area?”

“Low to mid 30’s would be considered good for the area at home. I would assume the same for here,” he replied.

Mark said, “Maybe we should reduce the initial offer and add more steps in the pay at a faster pace.”

“Let’s run it by Marcy in the morning. But I would like to know we have good and qualified people at the start even if it cost a little more,” I replied.

“You go ahead and shower and then I will and we can get to bed. Dan and Ellie can follow,” I said. Mark’s face went blank. I asked, “What is the matter?”

Mark leaned over to whisper in my ear, “I only have boxer’s to sleep in; that is all I ever wear.”

“That is OK. I sleep naked; let the fun begin with a laugh. I told you I hoped you were not shy,” I whispered back. “You go first then I, being naked won’t be so much of a shock.”

Mark went to the shower and returned in ten minutes wearing only boxers. I followed and a few minutes emerged naked with my dirty clothes folded over my arm. I saw three slightly startled faces. Mark did his best to hide a growing smile. Ellie, on the other hand, broke into a full grin. Dan’s smile took a little longer.

Ellie immediately headed to the shower with Dan looking in his travel bag. I rolled Mark towards me so he would not tent the blankets as I lay on my back. Ellie emerged from the shower a few minutes later and Dan entered. Ellie had on a baby doll outfit that hid nothing. Her full breasts, pointed nipples and mound were on full display through the thin fabric. She settled down on the home-made bed waiting for Dan.

Mark unintentionally moaned softly in my ear to which I whispered softly, “Don’t be greedy; if anything happens we are going to share her,” the expression on his face was priceless. “What happens in Warrington stays in Warrington,” I said.

Mark’s cock was poking me in the side. I slid my hand the length of it. It was a nice one; 6 and a half, maybe 7 and fat. His moan clearly telegraphed what we were doing. I worked his boxers down as far as I could then used my foot to get them over and off his foot.

With his cock free it was straight off and hard and resting on me. It was already dripping lube; I could feel it dropping on me and could feel his cock throb. I closed my hand and stroked the complete length several times. At the head I used my fingers to coat it with his lube. Another moan came from Mark, this time much louder.

Mark’s hand had been resting on my stomach, now moved to my breast. Slow soft squeezes, then he rolled my nipple between his thumb and finger, ending with a gentle pinch that made a gasp escape my lips. Our lips met then our tongues played a game.

I suddenly realized that his hand had moved to my vulva and was attempting to cup it gently. I spread my legs as his hand fully covered it. Then he began a gentle circular motion, not penetrating, just causing my lips to spread my wetness. I knew my clit was poking out between my lips; I could feel the skin of Mark’s palm against it.

Even though Mark was an office worker with softer hands than an outdoor working man, the texture was harder than my female lovers. That texture was driving me higher, and faster than I wanted. I did not want this over too fast.

I stopped his hand from taking me over the edge. I needed time to cool off. I wondered why Dan was taking so long in the bathroom, not that it mattered now. I pushed the covers back and changed my position so that my bottom was out of the reach of Mark’s skillful hand and I was on my knees.

I took Mark’s cock and slowly stroked it, then lowered my lips to the head and kissed it several times before I opened my lips and surrounded it. I teased the little hole at the tip with my tongue. I inhaled to pull a vacuum and backed off to allow his cock to escape my mouth with a loud pop.

When I started Ellie had been on her side propped up on her elbow. Now she was sitting Indian style with one hand on her breast playing with the nipple and the other hand in her crotch and much closer to the bed. She was staring intently at Mark’s cock and then into my eyes.

I went back to the pleasures at hand. I began by wetting his cock from the tip to the hair with saliva using my lips and tongue. Then I swallowed half of it with one plunge and pulled off, repeating the maneuver several times. Mark was moaning loudly and lifting up trying to get more of his cock into my mouth.

Dan had joined Ellie with her in his lap and was watching. He had his arms around her and was feeling her up and tuning her in by pulling and twisting on her nipples.

I needed to slow Mark down a little. I changed tactics. At the top of the stroke I used my teeth on the head to create a little discomfort. Then with the hand at the base of his cock I squeezed it between my thumb and forefinger rather hard. Unless he was into pain, by repeating those actions I could prevent him from cuming for a while.

It was time for him to start giving me some pleasure on my pussy. I turned, spread my legs and settled my pussy on his face. I had been reluctant until now but with his cock in my mouth he would be hard pressed to object. If he was not into licking pussy before he would be now.

I relaxed my throat, taking the cock deeper each time. His hair was tickling my nose now. I loved the feeling of his cock past my gag reflex in my throat. I could work the muscles to milk the head of it, I stayed with it in deep until I had to have a gulp of air and put it deep over and over again.

It was a good thing I was using his cock as a distraction. Mark was no amateur at sucking pussy. I would have cum long ago if I had not been concentrating so hard on his cock.

I heard Ellie ask, “How can she do that?” Dan responded with, “I don’t know; I wonder if she would teach you?”

I eased off on my delaying tactics so Mark would soon cum in my throat. I was close to cuming myself and did not think I could hold it off much longer. I wanted us to cum together or as closely as possible.

It was only a couple more minutes when Mark grunted into my pussy and thrust his hips up hard, signaling that he was cuming. I was on the down stroke at the time. Our actions shoved his cock to the root and the deepest that it had been all night. It immediately began to throb as he pumped cum down my throat. My throat muscles milked out every drop.

The throbbing cock in my throat sent me over the top. I couldn’t tell him that I was going to cum, with his cock so deep, but he soon found out. I am not one of those women that squirt but I could feel his movements while swallowing the result of my cuming.

I let his cock slip from my mouth so I could breathe like a race horse. His cock barely wilted as my breathing returned to normal. I moved off of him and onto my knees.

Ellie was on her back with her knees almost touching her breasts with Dan pile driving into her. The sound of hard-hitting hot sex was unmistakable and invigorating.

“Come on lover boy, time for you to put that thing where it belongs,” I said.

“Doggy OK?” he asked.

He lined up behind me with his hands on my shoulders and fucked me hard and deep. I rubbed my clit the whole time and stayed in a state of mini orgasms. As he came he thrust so hard I slid flat with him on top of me. As his hot cum filled my pussy I went through my biggest orgasm of the night and then our cum leaked onto the bedding.

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