Chapter 242

Tony, Kathy and Janet both sent emails. Tony addressed the satellite dishes by the water tower. They belong to the agency. One was for their secure link and the other was the backup link and would supply the entire public internet for the airport and the terminal.

Janet had taken over the sewage and water supply systems as part of her environmental duties. Her email had several attachments with blueprints of where some of the changes she had made to the sewage system. There was an expansion of the drain fields and the separation tanks were enlarged along with the addition of two more pumps.

“Janet, you do what you think would be best and need to do. I know nothing about this kind of construction. Thanks for keeping me in the loop,” I replied.

Jenny arrived and immediately was all over both of us. “I have been waiting to get you alone all day,” she said. “Have we enough time to play before supper?”

“You go with her and I will finish Supper,” Ching Lee replied with a devilish grin.

I led Jenny into the bedroom and we helped each other undress, and then stepped into the shower. We had a very sensual shower together. I gave her baby bump a long and gentle washing along with the other parts of her body as I stood with my arm around her in the small shower and enjoying her kisses.

After drying off we finished the passion in bed. We were breathing heavy and recovering when Ching Lee announced that nourishment was ready in the form of supper.

After supper we talked about the trial and the events of the day. Jenny thought the trial would be over by the weekend. The evidence was overwhelming and they had lost all attempts at getting any of it thrown out.

I cautioned her not to get overly optimistic; anything could come out of the woodwork. Then we discussed the problem I was having at Rochester.

Jenny suggested that I ask Captain Peters if Rochester allowed and cooperated with a citizen’s Police Force. If they did, JBG could write tickets and even arrest them. There were lots of communities that are going in that direction with the tight money crunch that they are having.

There might be some additional training and we might lose some employee time in court, but if you just limit the scope of operations just to the college grounds it would speed things along.

It was too late to make the call today but I added it to my to-do list for tomorrow.

I would have Cindy and the corporate lawyers research all that starting tomorrow. If the court mess was settled soon Jenny might have time to help. She was taking a couple of weeks off when the case was settled.

We were out on the deck when the quiet was broken by the sound of turbines winding up. We walked out to the main street so we could see the runway. The warthogs were going on a night training mission. There were six of them taxing to the end of the runway.

They always flew that way. A leader and a wingman every time one flew over – there was another one a few moments later. They trained that way and fought battles that way in the sand box. We watched them take off in the dusk early evening sky and out of sight.

I wondered if the Doppler radar at Morton Field would be able to see the low flying planes when it was up and running. That was one more thing to look for if I ever had the time to sit in the tower and watch.

Jenny, Ching Lee and I went in to the bedroom much earlier than normal. Jenny had been on the prowl for the last half hour. With a feel here and a touch there, pecks and then hot kisses, she was letting us know she was ready.

Ching Lee showered first – there was no way the shower would hold three of us without someone falling out of the tub and getting hurt. Dried off and in bed, it was time for the loving to begin.

It was four hours later that Jenny finally gave out a sigh of satisfaction and drifted off to sleep. I sure hoped that this phase of her pregnancy didn’t last long.

I loved more sex much more than most ladies and enough the keep my five mates satisfied, but there is such a thing as just too much and Jenny was starting to get kinkier. Even Ching Lee – who seemed to have endless energy when it came to sex – looked at the ceiling and exhaled through pursed lips and mouthed, “Wow”.

In the middle of the night we were awakened by huge crash and then by trucks screaming by, shouting and machine gun fire. We quickly dressed then went into the kitchen after I jammed a chair under the door handle to slow down anyone trying to get in.

That was the safest room in the house. With stoves, sinks, refrigerators, freezers and dishwashers or cupboards filled with pots and pans the room was almost metal lined.

I would have went out to see what was going on and to help but Jenny and Ching Lee had me in a death grip – one on each side of me sitting at the table. I don’t know if they were scared or more scared of me leaving them.

Not long after that there were sirens galore that seemed to be coming from everywhere. We continued to stay in the house. As things seemed to quiet down I suggested that we stay dressed and go nap on top of the bed. Jenny for sure needed as much rest as she could possibly get.

I promised the girls I would sleep with one eye open to protect them. A few minutes before the alarm clock was to go off I carefully and quietly slid out of bed and made coffee, and then started getting things ready for breakfast. Even though it was Wednesday Jenny was going to get the normal Sunday morning breakfast I always made or as close as I could get with the things we had.

The coffee was percolating and the potatoes browning when I heard the declaration that someone had just received the ultimate pleasure that we can give one another. A few moments later I carried two cups of hot coffee in and asked how many eggs and slices of toast they each wanted this morning, to go with sausage, bacon and potatoes with onions.

“Two eggs, two slices of toast with grape jam and give me 5 minutes to shower and dress,” Jenny replied.

“Three eggs and one toast and I will help you finish it up,” Ching Lee replied as she followed me to the kitchen.

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2 Responses to Chapter 242

  1. joe h says:

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,,, it went too fast, i wish there was
    more for my bedtime story.
    But it was still great as always……
    keep writing jack….thanks again

  2. jackballs57 says:

    LOL more to come. Thanks jack

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